Time Management Self Study

In this one we learn about self-management strategies.

Semester Plan And Weekly Plan

This is how I first plan my schedule. I did this way because i would study or do things at random time throughout the week.

Successes and Failure

The success of this plan is that I am flexible with my time. It was real easy to follow this plan and not fall away from it. During the time I don't have plan i would do different things like chill or do work. The failures of this one would to not do work til the last minute. I would be stress to do it and sometimes end up not doing it. I didn't schedule enough time towards work.

Daily Plan

This is a daily plan i made one Sunday. It didn't take me too long to make this one. I alos did four of the six listed items on it.

New Plan

Successes and Failure

With this new plan I start doing way more work. I feel more responsibly to do work and commit to doing it. After doing it a couple of times i felt pretty good because I did something to help my future. Didn't felt guilty taking breaks from study because i know i actually put in work. The only failure is that there is still some room to improve and sometimes i miss my schedule times.

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