NORTHSTAR PLAY Because play and exploration matters

Play and exploration are integral part of Northstar Education.

Play is learning. Play gives children choice and a chance to be spontaneous.

In play a child always behaves beyond his average age, above his daily behaviour. In play it is as though he were a head taller than himself - Lev Vygotsky.

Meaningful play contributes towards cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children.

Changes in lifestyle and family structure, and increased attention to academics and competitive pressure has resulted in loss of child-centered play time. Northstar ensures children get the spaces and time they deserve for playing.

The Northstar Campus is designed for learning from the ground up. In an age where schools don't have sports or playing infrastructure, Northstar has dedicated a large portion of its massive campus to open fields, custom designed plays areas, and professional grade sports facilities.

Northstar Play Area


Northstar education fosters a culture of collaboration and trust that supports each learner’s cultivation of individual expression and pursuit of personally meaningful activities. Northstar education contributes towards a system where school is an enjoyable and enriching part of life where learners feel safe and supported in the exploration of their True North.


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