America in the 1800's By: Analaya O'campo

Era of Good Feelings

Quote:"that British would have no trouble seeing it from a distance,"-fort's commander pg.175

America from 1831 to 1832 was a magical time but also disgusting destructive time period even though it was named 'The Era of Good Feelings' I will be explaining why. America does not mean having a sense of individualism for slaves, women, and native americans did not have the same rights has old white men. Such as voting, owning land, and working in office. For white men they took absolute pride in their country because it showed that they were independent and could fight for their freedom and win.

Early American Music

Quote:"My counrty,'tis of thee-Samuel France Smith pg.181

Music in the 1800s varied between patriotic, spiritual, and classical and was mostly heard in church some where outside church too but they had old tunes and new lyrics. Patriotic music such as the star spangled banner which was also came from an english rune but changed words, other songs were ‘america’, ‘my country, tis of thee’, and ‘God save the king’ . Classical music came from europe but spread to the US and would be danced in groups. In the ballroom the performed the waltz, gavottes, mazurkas, and lively minutes. Spirituals were slaves combining african music styles with hymns of white churchgoers, they used violin, drums, and banjos.

Early American Art

Quote:"He fell in love with America's immense and varied landscape"-Thomas Cole pg.180

Art in America used European art styles but in the 1800 they started to develop their own style. For Folk art men would carve vases and hunting decoys while women would sew, it was simple but very colorful. Most professionals did portraits trying to capture emotion and and personalities. One of the most famous painters were Gilbert stuart who painted George washington on the 1 dollar, it was almost burned by the british but first lady Dolley Madison saved it. Artists also loved fine art for they got to capture the beauty in nature rather than portraits of people.

Early American Literature

Quote:"Who reads an American book, or guess to an american play, or looks at an American picture or statue?"-British writer/unknown pg.182

Literature in the 1800s authors used uniquely american settings. one nation's first novelists were James Fenimore Cooper who wrote about settlers in the wilderness he wrote famous books such as ‘The Pioneer’ and ‘The Last of the Mohicans’. Another famous author was Washington Irving who wrote magical stories about uptown New York such as ‘Rip Van Winkle’ and ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’. Next Davy crockett actually wrote a biography about his adventurous, thrilling, courageous life. He helped give american literature a new twist with backwards speech and rough humor. Lastly a famous poetry writer Henry Wadsworth Longfellow who was the first to write americas epic poem ‘Hiawatha’ wrote about indians and growing importance of the United states such as ‘The Building of a Ship’ and ‘Paul Revere's Ride’ .

Politics:Era of Good Feelings

quote:"I would rather be right than be the president."-Henry Clay pg.128

Politics during the era of good feelings in 1816, James Monroe went on a goodwill tour. Huge crowds greeted him everywhere all around wherever he went that a newspaper titled an article "Era of Good Feelings". Then Monroe's next eight years as president are now known by this name. Many Americans at this time thought that a new period of national unity had begun.

Blacks, natives, women

Quote:"why should I strive hard?"-one young African American pg.271

However some may argue such as blacks, women and native american that this was not the era of good feelings. First of all black would believe this because most of the blacks were slaves in the 1800s and even if they were free they did not have all the privileges that whites had and if you were a slave you could not decide anything or keep anything for yourself without your ‘owner's’ consultant. Secondly women will say this because they could not work or fight like men got to, and most of the time they could not chose who they wanted to marry, their jobs were to be a stay at home mom, cook, and clean if slaves did not do it for them. Lastly native americans will think this because the whites came in and stole there land and when they did they couldn't reasonably talk it out, they treated them horribly and like ‘savages’.

The Early 1800's

Quote:"The Americans carry national pride to an altogether excessive length."-Alexis de Toqueville pg.177

The nation in 1800 was very different from what it is today. Two out of every three Americans still lived within 50 miles of the Atlantic Coast. Fewer than one in ten lived west of the Appalachians mountains. These round-topped, forested mountains extended like a bumpy spine from maine through georgia. They made travel between east and west very difficult.

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