Fast food work sheeting Malachai Peters

The bacon egg cheese biscuit has the most saturated fat (17)
The peppermint chocolate chip milk shake has the most sodium(530)
The spicy deluxe has the most calories (670)
You should avoid the spicy deluxe because there are lots of calories and it will be hard to work off
A healthy meal would be grilled chicken nuggets with 140 calories, 1 sat. Fat, 530 soudium
The bunless cheese burger has the most sat fat (23)
The bacon cheese dog has the most soudium(1700)
The bacon cheese burger has the most calories (920)
You should aviod the bacon cheese burger because it is so unhealthy
The healthy meal you should eat is the grilled cheese with 470 calories 9 sat fat and 715 sodium
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Malachai Peters

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