Grammy Trailer A value Added service provided by Aflac

So, we didn't get to walk the red carpet did we?
Since the employees couldn't be there...
You can be the agent...
That brings the Grammys to them!
Yea...It's coming...
and you will have access to add some POP to your enrollments!
Mobile Experience Tour Dates

Pretty awesome, huh? Be sure to look at your upcoming enrollments and plan accordingly if you want to use this. These slots will go quickly!

  • Go to www.aflacevents.com
  • Username is market20
  • Password is aflac20
  • Look at the available slots on the calendar
  • Select your date you want the trailer there
  • View the status of your requests on aflacevents.com
Created By
Adam Bradshaw


Created with images by David Jones - "Grammy Awards, STAPLES Center"

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