Nature and Ethics

As I went through the museum I was able to experience nature in ways Leopold recommends at the Butterfly Rainforest. As soon as I walked in i felt a sense of peace and it felt completely different form the pass exhibits that I just came from. My friend and I just walked around for a bit just admiring all the different butterflies in the area. For there were butterflies of many colors. The one that appealed to me the most was a blue butterfly that flew by our feet.

As I went through the museum I saw that many people were contemplating about things that were on display. For example I saw two guys at the exhibit where they displayed a tribe discussing about the tools that were used in the past. In addition, at the Butterfly Rainforest I saw many elderly people walking around with a smile and just looking at the scenery without any signs of wanting to leave.

The museum allows visitors to connect with nature mainly through the Butterfly Rainforest where we were actually right in front of live butterflies that most people have never actually seen in real life.

After going through the Rainforest there was a sense of responsibility instilled in me towards nature because after seeing the butterflies it made me feel that nature was very delicate and needed to be respected and not terrorized.

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