The French Revolution By Triston Moinette

There were many reasons for the French Revolution these were the nations debt, the refusal of the clergy to pay taxes, egalitarian philosophies, and high food cost.These factors made the society unstable and made he political influence commoners had greater.

The French Revolution did fail to bring the establishment of an acceptable economy. France began in 1789 under the absolute monarchy of Louis XVI and ended with the military dictatorship of Napoleon Bonaparte

With Napoleon at the helm the revolution came to an end and thus began the fifteen-year period of military rule.

During the Reign of Terror a new execution tool called the quillotine was introduced. This "tool" was used to kill thousands of people including King Louise XVI. The reason so many died from it is because the struggles between political rivals and factional rivals took radicalization which caused giant mass executions.

The guillotine was an almost entirely wooden device that would drop a large, sharp and heavy blade on the victims necking. This would lead to a quick clean cut. The guillotine dates back to late 1789 due to dr.Joseph-Ignace propsing French adopt a gentler method of execution.

Radical leader Maximilian Robespierre, whom has led the Reign of Terror was executed in 1792 effectively ending the French reveloution. However following his death, France saw. Return to the corruption that had helped lead the revolution.

The French Revolution impacted other countries in a multitude of different ways. In Europe there revolution led to a series of wars between various countries and French. It had also led to the rise of Napoleon and the empire has had won.

One of the more well known impacts is the domino effect revolutions seem to impacted by the French Revolution. The French inspire the American revolution along with the Haitian revolution.

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