5 Gest HIPPOPOTAMUS head amulet


Imagine you're in a situation that you need strength, luck, and protection. The Hippopotamus head amulet will provide all of these amazing things. In this presentation you will learn about how a sociologist, archaeologist, geographer, and historian look at this artifact. As you can see, the hippopotamus head amulet was a very important to egyptians,it also gave them really good luck, and it was really special to them.


Can you believe all the wonderful things about this amulet. Here are some really cool facts, Can you believe that this one amulet can give you peace, prosperity, and luck. It seems that these people lived around 1981-1802 bc, they lived around the middle kingdom and they were probably skilled merchants to make this amulet. Another fact about this amazing amulet is Egyptian families were probably really big if a family member wanted to buy this for their family. This is why the people wanted this wonderful amulet.

Here is who probably bought the amulet and what they were thinking when they bought it. The amulet was probably made by merchants and then possibly someone really rich bought. The rich person was probably thinking that this could protect there family so they could finally feel safe. As you can see this is the person who bought the amulet and what they were thinking when they bought it. They were thinking this because hippos were really big and strong.

Sociologist {Emma}

As a sociologist I thought that when the egyptians wore this amulet they felt strong and aggressive like hippos, This become useful in wars because this can bring the soldier a boost of confidence or this this might make the enemies scared if they see the amulet. Another reason this irreplaceable object is so special is, that this amulet would bring them closer to the animal sun god Ra, and egyptians took gods and animals very seriously.

Another reason why the egyptions wore this amulet is for attention and wealthness. Many people thought that this amulet could make you look more wealthy and this helped them absorb more attention from others this could be helpful for people at social events such as parties rituals and ceremonies.

Michelle: Historian

Imagine an object that can give you good luck,and protection. In these two paragraphs you will learn about the hippopotamus head through a historian's part of this presentation. A historian asks his or herself questions about the object or the artifact they find. The hippopotamus head amulet was originated around 1981-1802. The ancient egyptians believed that the hippopotamus head amulet had good luck in it.

They asked themselves what is this object made out of. They would answer this is made out of all different kinds of stone, and they used it for good luck. This makes me think that people would befriend someone to be near the amulet. This also makes me think that only the rich people wore them and that the poor people were jealous. The rich people might be creeped out because everyone is following them for the luck.


The Humans probably lived farther away from the Hippo’s in the nile because they were really scared of the Hippo’s and terrified. They probably had to risk going by the nile so they could get fresh crops and fruit. They probably went farther away from the nile to eat the fresh crops and fruit. Hippopotamus were found in the nile river and it was tough for the humans because they were so freaked out by the hippo’s. It could be a protector to people’s family because of alot of people were scared and it would scare enimies away.

Since the Hippopotamus head amulet isn’t a person, it didn’t wear clothes. The head amulets job gave the people good luck and to protect their family because people were scared of the hippo’s and people would run away. Hippo amulets are made from a variety of stones. As you can see, this amulet made people have good luck and made family’s feel safe in Egypt.


As you can see, our artifact is helpful in many ways because it gives good luck, strength and makes people feel protected. In conclusion, there are many artifacts in the world but we the geographer, sociologist, archaeologist, and historian think this one would the most useful for many reasons.


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