Containment vs. Spread of Communism hadley queen and michelle pak

During the Cold war (1945 - 1991) which was mainly the United States against the Soviet Union, George F. Keenan created a fighting strategy for the United States called Containment. Its main purpose was to go against the Russian forces by keeping communism where it was and not letting it spread to any other countries. There was also a lot of propaganda in America that went against communism. This poster is meant to make Americans fear communism and want to stop it from spreading. The poster says “Communism destroys freedom” which is intended to scare people who care about their freedom and Americans. Freedom is something that is a very big part of America and very important people who live here and have grown up with those rights. Showing that communism could “destroy” that would make a lot of people fear it. I used a picture of The Statue of Liberty for the background of the poster. The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of our freedom and independence as a country which fits the theme of freedom in the phrase used on the poster. Through this project, I learned a lot more about the containment policy like how it was intended to be used and what it was for. I also learned more about the opposing views of the U.S. and the Soviet Union and how people spread their ideas around. It was interesting to see different propaganda that was used during the war to convince people to side with one country or the other. I learned a lot about how the propaganda worked and was used to persuade people by instilling fear or sometimes by using depictions or information that could sometimes be misleading. A lot of the phrases or pictures used were highly exaggerated to make one side look much better, or worse, than the other. Both the U.S. and Soviet Union did a lot to get people to side with their point of view.

This propaganda is meant to spread communism throughout the Soviet Union. By showing the positive aspects of communism, it’s supposed to make people support this political position. The propaganda I created says “communism unites and equates.” One idea of communism is that people need each other, this is where the united part of the slogan comes into play. People in favor of communism like the idea of being together and united as a nation, so I wanted to include this into the propaganda. Another idea of communism is equality. Communists believe that when people work as equals, they achieve greater things. They also believe that no one should have more than anyone else and everyone’s needs are equally important, this is why the propaganda says “communism equates.” The picture I chose is very orderly, just like the idea of communism. It shows a group of people lined up in separate rows. I decided to use this image because it represents equality since everyone in the picture is positioned the same way. I also like that the people in this picture are all wearing yellow because the color yellow symbolizes happiness. This associates communism with a good feeling. Through this project, I gained a better understanding about how the US and Soviet Union used propaganda to push their own beliefs on citizens. I learned that propaganda shows only certain aspects of something to make it sound more enticing. Also, the US and Soviet Union contradicted each other with their stances on how the government should run. I learned that the Soviet Union was resentful of the US due to their refusal to join the USSR and the US’s delay into joining World War II. Throughout the Cold War these differences only strengthened.

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