Fort Knox by: savannah

Fort Knox, gold or no gold?

Does Fort Knox really have gold, or is it just a conspiracy, people may never know the truth. Fort Knox is told to have gold, but even most of the guards who work there don't know, only the government. Many people have tried to go in and ask questions about the gold but were never allowed in, people begin to wonder what’s really in there. People believe that the government is lying and is selling our gold, but they could be wrong, no one knows for sure. If there really isn't gold, what would that mean to us? People believe that Fort Knox has gold, but, their belief could be wrong, it could be empty.

"inside" Fort Knox

Theory 1

People believe that Fort Knox doesn’t have gold, people have done many things, even go out of their way to try and prove that the government has been lying to us this whole time. According to the site WallStreetDaily the government has being doing many things in secret without us knowing, one could be selling our gold to other countries. It was said that the government dumped some of the gold into the world markets to corrupt the prices, but no one knows how much he really gave away. Since 1953 Fort Knox has had no audit done. The U.S. spends more than $3.5 trillion a year that comes from the Treasury presses, which means, made up money. The gold in Fort Knox has not been counted since 1986, even if it was counted then. According to Sbcgold only 5% of the gold has been tested during the ‘testing’, maybe that 5% of that gold was real, maybe the other 95% of the gold was fake. Its stated that Fort Knox is not even part of the Federal, government maybe the government was lying to us this whole time. Thenewamerican states that in 2010 the vaults were broken off and replaced with a way heavier and, almost impossible to open, vaults. An article stated that a secretary who worked there said something about it being empty, and was found shot three days later. That makes the people wonder if they were trying to tell us something but the government didn't want us to know. Some people believe that there is no gold, maybe it was even built for another reason other than gold, if no one is told the truth, people will get even more curious and want answers.

Theory 2

Another theory that is believed to be true is that Fort Knox does have gold and we have nothing to worry about. It is believed because Fort Knox is guarded 24/7 so no one can steal the gold and it’s out of harm. As stated in Newsmax that Fort Knox is guarded by the U.S. Mint Police and protected by layers of security. Each vault is sealed with a special tape that is designed to show any force of entry that someone tries. Because it’s guarded all the time, people believe that it's hard to steal from so the gold will never get stolen. Even though, Paul believes that the Federal government can secretly swap gold without people knowing, others believe that it is just a thought and could never happen because of their trust in the government.

Stated in Osnetdaily in the latest survey, reports said that the central banks bought 336.2 tons of gold in the second half of 2015. People believe that because the vaults were checked and secured again, that the gold is all there and none is stolen, even without proof. It's also said that during WWII, foreign nations in the European of Asian theaters decided to store gold in the vaults, but it was never said if they took it out or, if it is still stored in Fort Knox. Hope-of-israel stated that, even though the government admitted that a lot of gold is gone, he didn’t necessarily dispose all of it. It is also said that the gold increased to about $12 billion from 1933 to 1937. It also states that a photo of Fort Knox suggests that the gold bars that are stored are less heavy than expected, but are believed to still be actual gold, not fakes. Fort Knox does have gold, people believe, and will do anything to prove it with as much information as they can get, because no matter what, they always believe that the government is right and there is gold stored in Fort Knox.

What I believe

After doing research on Fort Knox, I have concluded that I mostly agree with theory #1, this theory states that there is no gold in Fort Knox, that it is completely empty and the government is lying to us. I believe this theory because, after all the research I have done, I find that it is more believable. The reason it’s more believable is because of how much evidence there is that it's empty. As a article said, one of the secretaries who used to worked there said something about it being empty at a speech, but they were found shot three days later, that makes me think that they were keeping a secret from us and didn't want us to know. If the government isn’t keeping a secret from us, then there wouldn’t have been news about one of their secretaries being shot after a saying that the gold from Fort Knox has been gone since the 1970’s. I used to believe that there was gold, but after doing some research, and reading about the article, I found out why people think that the government is lying to us, and I too believe that theory. As it was stated in WallStreetDaily, the government can do things in secret without everyone knowing, so he could be selling our gold and we could have nothing. It was even said the the government dumped some of our gold into the markets so it would corrupt, that is why I believe that Fort Knox is empty.

People think that Fort Knox is full, but what is the government is lying to us and it's empty, people may never know the real answer. Why is it important? Because if people don’t know what’s really in there the government will lose our trust and society could fall apart. The reason this impacts society is because if there is no money in Fort Knox the economy won't have money for them to get the stuff they need. The reason you should care about if Fort Knox has no gold is because it can also affect your life. Do you really believe the government telling us that all the gold is safe, even if he can sell it in secret? People may not know, but it's always your decision to believe what you want, what side do you believe?

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