Hi, I'm Michael Graham! I'm a conservative pundit, podcaster and politico trapped behind enemy lines in deep-blue New England. If you're trying to reach me, the easiest way is via email: Michael@MichaelGraham.com

If you're into social media, I'm @IAmMGraham on Twitter (my radio listeners know why); and MichaelGrahamShow at Facebook.com. I look forward to hearing from you!


  • On Kavanaugh Confirmation: "That's Not How Any Of This Works" -- CBS News
  • The Judiciary Committee Grills Sen. Blutarsky Over Events At Faber College -- Boston Herald
  • In Kavanaugh Fight, Democrats Embrace 'Maxine Waters' Strategy -- InsideSources.com
  • NH Dems Display Double-Standard On Sex Assault Allegations -- New Hampshire Journal
  • FROM THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE POND: Kavanaugh Case Sent The American Left Mad -- @talkRADIO (UK)


Catch me regularly on CBSN, talking politics and keeping management lurking by the "dump" button

At New Hampshire Journal, we're covering New Hampshire politics with a view to the 2018 midterms and, of course, the Granite State's "First In The Nation" primary. Because in New Hampshire, it's ALWAYS primary season!

Every Saturday Night, London's @talkRADIO unleashes me upon the United Kington for three hours of radio from the Right Side Of The Pond. It's a blast! Terrific guests and Grahamian rants on topics that cross the Atlantic.

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