American Sniper Movie vs book

American Sniper is an incredible, true story about a man who fought for what he believed in and wouldn't give up. It shows courage and determination. I had always wanted to read American Sniper and I told myself a while back I didn't want to watch the movie because of the ending but after I watched it I really liked it.

I really enjoyed the book because he explained the process of becoming a seal, all the boot camps he had to go through, and he talks about how hard but also how rewarding it was. He talked about his life before joining the service, how he was a college drop, and rodeo rider, and a ranch hand all over Texas. The book also talks about his family, Taya his wife, their son Colton and their daughter McKenna.

The movie is similar but not as detailed and elaborate. It doesn't go through the process as much as the book does. But in the movie that i didn't really realize in the book was that he had trouble at home trying the get the battlefields out of his thoughts. I really liked the movie it kept me on my toes the whole time as well as the book

The book and movie are different in many ways. There are parts in the movie where in the book it is described different. For example, in the beginning of the book Chris is telling about one of his first times out on the job. The streets are empty and he was supposed to keep them that way. A women and a boy walk turn the corner and the women is caring something that looks like a bomb so he hoots her and the boy just runs away. Well in the movie the women hands the bomb off the to boy and hew shoots the boy first then shoots the lady. There are some little details that are different between the two but there is one big difference. In the book its told from Chris' point of view because he is still alive. The movie is made after Chris' death and it also explains how he died where in the book that isn't mentioned.

If you asked me which one, either read the book or watch the movie. I would pick watch the movie because for me I understand things visually. The book gives a lot more details than the movie. It goes more into depth as I explained earlier. So I would say the book is better. But the movie is also nice because it shows his funeral and people on the roads on the way honoring him. So if you asked me which was better: the book. If I would rather read or watch: watch.

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