A Trip for Coffee By Christian Purser

Some friends and I had some important work we had to get at the library. What better way to make sure the body is in it's best shape than by consuming some caffeine. We arrived at Crossroads, the greatest coffee shop ever because its close and that's really all a coffee shop needs to be.

We all made out orders and thought we would sit for a bit/waste time, before we made our way to the library.

We got our orders and thought we would sit for a little/waste some time, before we went to the library.

Once we got there I took a surprise picture of my friend as he tried to reach for his coffee.

We had finally found a seat at the library and were beginning to finish up our coffees. It was finally time for our extremely exciting lives to take a hiatus so that we could work on some of the most important work a person could do. Or just talk most of the time, its really more of a give and take.

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