AWRA AMBA Harmony life in ethiopia

Awra Amba is a village in Amhara region, Ethiopia. The Awra Amba community is based on values of equality, cooperation, brotherhood and compassion - breaking the usual stereotypes and assumptions on life in Ethiopia.

Villagers play volleyball in Awra Amba. at the afternoon, villagers come together to create a vibrant community life.

The establishment of the Awra Amba community was accompanied with many struggles. The principles which Awra Amba was promoting were considered alien to the villagers around, who were living on different values in adjacent territory.

As for today - the commuinty counts atound 500 people. Women and men holds the same status, children receive education in an organised system and the elderly’s needs are being taken care of. The village’s incomes, mostly from weaving and agriculture, are being divided equally among all of the members.

Men and women work together in weaving. Not like many other parts of Ethiopia, women and men share the same status and role in society.
The local weaving factory is the largest working place in the village. men and women work there together in equality.

From a young age, the education system in the village provides the children with knowledge of math, geography and english. The school of Awra Amba is considered as one of the best in the region, and students from all around the area attend to it.

Within the daily struggles in Ethiopia - poverty, diseases, and massive corruption, the Awra Amba community shows us a different way of life, as we hardly see on today’s western culture. A life of harmony, acceptance and happiness. It is encouraging to witness how a society like that can form and come to life, against all odds.


Omer Burin

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