Traceability Software solutions for OIL & GAS

IB together with RINA SERVICES has made a meaningful step forward in providing its customers with strengthened expert IT competences internationally. RINA SERVICES has recently taken an equity stake in IB, a specialist Italian asset management solutions software company

IB is a highly regarded Asset Management software-house, active since 1983. The marine industry is where IB took its first steps in the creation of software solutions for maintenance management and over time has branched out into many other sectors in which it continues to operate today (Energy, Process & Manufacturing, Transportation, Healthcare and Real Estate). It also provides organization consulting for the technical management of strategic assets. VIEW WEB SITE

RINA SERVICES S.p.A. is the operational arm of RINA, developing and offering services of ships classification, certification, verification of conformity, inspection and testing. RINA operates through a network of companies covering Marine, Energy, Infrastructure & Construction, Transport & Logistics, Food & Agriculture, Environment & Sustainability, Finance & Public Institutions and Business Governance. VIEW WEB SITE


ACM-e is an expert advisory company, which provides systems together with highly-specialized consultancy and implementation services. The main areas of expertise are:

  • Operations & Maintenance and Product Life Cycle Management
  • Engineering Systems Auditing and Benchmarking
  • Energetic Systems Design and Management
  • Automation of operating and management processes
planning and implementing improvement actions in maintenance & operations


Oil&Gas onshore and offshore facilities (fixed, floating or subsea), power plants, industrial or civil infrastructures. Operators, Owners, Contractors



The turn-key solution for the maintenance processes, the inventory control and asset life-cycle traceability.




The main activities and the reporting are created and planned in the WEB APP but all the main activities are performed by using smartphone/tablet with Android or IOS systems.


Items are tagged with an RFID TAG. The tool is able to manage inventory and maintenance processes for many different types of items such as office devices, furniture, clothing, equipment, etc.

As Items are placed in the database they are associated with their own RFID TAG. Thanks to modern technology, smartphones or tablets are able to read RFID TAGS, allowing users ability to identify the item and achieve the activities suggested by the application.


  • Easier and automatic material tracking
  • Fast and real-time materials inventory (indoor and outdoor)
  • Keep ERP always updated
  • Measure the technical benefits and savings related to RFID implementation




The RFID technology achieves a better operating efficiency and accuracy on logistics, warehousing and inventory processes. The user applications covers all material typologies that are usually stored in an Upstream O&G warehouse ( i.e. tubulars used for drilling). The RFID system could be customized, designed and configured to satisfy the typical needs of an E&P warehouse. A dedicated server runs the application and synchronizes the physical movements of data with any ERP.


The solution based on the RFID technology, used for the identification and automatic tracking of slings. It consists in a modified version of the traditional thimble so to allow the housing of passive or active RFID tags.


• Reduction of stock levels: 10 – 20 %

• Higher Speed in managing materials: 50 - 70 %

• Reduction of inventory errors: 60 - 80 %

• Reduction of transports due to reduced contingency: 30 – 40 %

• Reduction of administrative workload: 40 - 50%

The RFID based solution for safety and security management designed for three main processes.

  1. Safety Management: by applying a RFID tag on each PPE foreseen for a worker, it is possible to recognize and detect the PPEs when workers’ pass-through gates. If a worker does not wear required attire, an alarm system will start an escalation procedure.
  2. Access Control:each worker or visitor is equipped with a RFID badge that allows him or her to access the facility. Each access is recorded in the software management system automatically in order to know in realtime who is currently in the building. different access policies can be associated to one badge in order to authorize the unlocking and opening of doors and gates.
  3. Project Management: it is possible to adopt the tool for elaborating automatic reports and workers timesheets to get an easier project control and work advancement; in fact each person is pre-assigned a job-skill (i.e. activities to do) and on the basis of project activity breakdown, it is possible to know how many man-hours have been provided for each single job-skill within a certain time frame


  • Each worker is identified by his RFID badge
  • Thanks to a previously dened control conguration, when a worker passes through a gate, it is performed a contemporary reading of worker’s badge and of the PPEs previously assigned for a particular job task
  • The system detects in real-time any possible anomaly (worker without PPEs, worker without training certications, worker with some medical deciencies, etc.) and processes an alarm procedure (audible alarms, SMS, notication email) registering the anomaly on the software system too



A safe alert stops the vehicle and saves the remote workers


  • Automatic control of personnel
  • Automatic alarm
  • Actual vs. planned works automatic advancement
  • Vendors automatic safety compliance rating
  • Verication of personnel access against required training certications and health conditions, when entering constrained areas
  • Easier management of international contexts involving personnel with different languages and cultures
  • Reduction of guardians at access points
  • Reduction of queues at access points

IB Headquarters

Via Cerisola 37

16035 Rapallo (Ge)


4770 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 730

Miami FL 33137 - Ph. 305 998-2745

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