18 May 2017/22 Iyar 5777

Term 2 Week 4

Shabbat Commences 5.08pm/Shabbat Terminates 6.04pm

From the Principal

Last month, there was an interesting article written in the New York Times about college admissions in America. The author of the article, Rebecca Sabky, works in undergraduate admissions at Darmouth University, reading some 2000 applications a year.

As it is in Australia, the competition for University placement is fierce with high level applicants flooding the market. Rebecca noted that the applications seemed to meld into one another, all bragging high SAT scores, a myriad of extracurricular activities and countless leadership experiences. The remarkable students became unremarkable as they sat among more of the same and the job of distinguishing one applicant over the other is difficult when they are all such high achievers.

However there was one application that came across her desk that stood out. And it was not because the student had climbed Everest or had a GPA that far exceeded the other students. The standout application had a letter of recommendation written by a school custodian, who wrote that he was compelled to support this student’s candidacy because of his thoughtfulness. This young man was the only person in the school who knew the names of every member of the janitorial staff. He turned off lights in empty rooms, consistently thanked the teachers and tidied up after his peers even if nobody was watching. This student had a refreshing respect for every person at the school, regardless of position, popularity or influence.

This student was a mensch in all those quiet moments, when no one was looking, when it wasn’t going to be ‘counted’.

Rebecca said this was a standout human being whose qualities meant so much more than an SAT score.

The way our students act, the way we act, towards others is what should be noted and regarded when considering applications of merit.

After the article was published, I’m sure that loads of students around America endeavoured to get recommendations from school custodians to accompany their University applications, but a trend that encourages and rewards kindness is one that is worth starting and pursuing.

Wishing our Carmel Family a Shabbat Shalom,


Primary School

Year 4 Lag BaOmer

The Year 4s and their parents spent an evening together at school on Saturday night celebrating Lag Baomer with their teachers. The families arrived after Shabbat where they participated in a beautiful Havdallah ceremony in the amphitheatre. The evening consisted of learning activities in the hall where students and parents spent time reading a story and answering questions together. They played a kahoot to end off the formal part of the evening and table results were very close! After a delicious dinner outside families roasted marshmallows on the bonfire and the students sang beautiful Hebrew songs accompanied by Morag Galanti on the guitar. It was a very special night and one that will always be remembered by all.

Year 4 Celebrate Lag BaOmer

Primary School Lag BaOmer Celebrations

The Primary School celebrated Lag Ba'Omer with the Tzevet on Monday.

Even though the weather was wet, it didn’t stop the bonfire and fun that was had!

Lag BaOmer fun in the Primary School

Lag Ba'omer

This year the PHC and Carmel joined forces in celebrating Lag BaOmer

Over 70 Year 9-12 students participated and enjoyed a huge BBQ and roasted marshmallows as well as being witness to a professional flame and fire entertainer.

Looking forward to building on this event next year.

Arik Singer

PHC hosts Lag BaOmer for Carmel High School Students

Bar and Bat Mitzvah incursion by Indigenous WA

Our March of the Living participants, Claudia Galanti, Eden Paletz and Dylan Kotkis have returned from their amazing journey.

Here is a testimonial that Eden wrote:

Eden Paletz - Carmel School Perth

I decided to do the March for numerous reasons. To me, all the text books, worksheets and movies are stories. However, for these people, the ones who lived through it, it is a real life experience and a significant part of their existence. On this trip I wished to cement all the images and texts from class in my mind and attach a reality to the events they aim to portray. Seeing movies, images and reading texts will never compare to actually being there and engaging all of my senses in the camps themselves. As those who lived through it perish, we have an increasing obligation to ensure remembrance and preservation of the details of the Holocaust. I feel as though going on the trip and bearing testimony to the sights of these events, equips a more educated and accurate understanding to be passed on. I also wanted to gain a new perspective on life through the testimonies of survivors and obtain a greater appreciation for the seemingly simple things in life, often taken for granted. Things that are just handed to me, like a good education and time with family. These people essentially lost in the game of life before even rolling the dice. They were stripped of their personal assets, names, families - and entire identity and sense of being. Children were robbed of their childhoods and adults of their most basic rights. To be able to March with survivors through the places where they were at the lowest points in their lives is an indescribable experience that I wish everyone could be a part of. The March Of the Living was a once in a lifetime experience that will stay with me forever.

2017 MOTL Participants

Year 10, 11 and 12 Media Excursion to Channel 9

On the 16th May, Media students in Year 10, 11 and 12, were treated to an excursion to the Channel Nine news headquarters in the heart of Perth’s CBD. We were privileged enough to be one of the first schools to receive this exclusive tour opportunity as channel 9 recently upgraded to new offices. Throughout the hour tour, we got to explore a series of departments within the office; live news room, sports reporter, social media expert, technician rooms and a prompting style news room. My personal favourite part of the day was seeing the advanced behind the scenes live broadcasting set. It was incredible to see the automatic camera detector, computerised vibrant background and, we were even lucky enough to have a chat to the morning news journalist; Tracy Vo. Coming out of the excursion all students were enlightened and satisfied with answers provided to all questions related to post graduation, media related future options and news production. Thank you to Mr Duthie and Morah Leanne Ben Majzner for making this day a reality."

Media students visit the Channel 9 studios

News from the English Department

A Clean Sweep for Carmel

Round 3 of debating was a fantastic and successful one for our Camel Debaters, as all four teams won their debates.

The evening began with our Novice teams, Carmel 2 and Carmel 3, debating the topic: “That we should ban nuclear energy.” Both teams were arguing the negative. Clara Febbo was first speaker for Carmel 3 and began the debate with interesting arguments against Perth College 11. Noa Jackson and Rafael Cowan continued to steer the team to victory with strong points, confidently persuading the adjudicator to their side with both their manner and ideas. Carmel 2 -- Alon Tucker, Chaya Benjamin and Aviya Solomon -- also presented spirited performances against Balcatta 3.

Novice team Carmel 1 (Shira Resnick, Shoshana Benjamin and Arielle Meekan) debated the same topic in the next session of debates against St. Georges 2, but in the affirmative. Like their fellow Novice teams, the girls debated the topic tenaciously, supporting their arguments with confident manner. It was impressive to see how quick the girls were to challenge their opposing team with interesting rebuttals.

Last for the evening, our Junior team, Drew Bernstein, Hannah Rudman and Santino Febbo, debated the topic, “That Facebook should actively promote socially progressive content on users’ newsfeeds,” against Mount Lawley 2 in the negative. This was a challenging topic to debate. Drew began the debate with a series of ethical questions that set the tone for the rest of the round. Santino Febbo came in strong as the second speaker with a range of arguments, questioning the validity of allowing a private company to hold such sway in a society. Lastly, Hannah disproved the opposing team’s argument with a list of rebuttals that took almost her whole speaking time to complete.

Well done to Jacob Parry and Rebecca Schwartz, who came along to cheer on their team mates and who stepped in to chair debates.

To all our debaters in Round 3, well done! Your efforts towards the debate and your displays of good sportsmanship were very pleasing indeed. Due to Shavuot, our students will debate next in Round 5, Wednesday, the 14th of June.

Novice Debaters

Mikolot Semi Final Results

Are we truly free today? This was the question posed to the six semi-finalists that competed in the Mikolot Speech Night on Tuesday in the BT Hall. This question elicited a range of responses: discussion of free will, a consideration of spiritual freedom and a reflection on the restrictions Jewish people face today.

The six semi-finalists (Samuel Majzner, Aron Calderwood, Ashleigh Cohen, Lara Posel, Mia Parry and Michaela Kavalsky) competed in two sections during the two-hour competition. The first was a prepared speech round, where students presented an argument to the above topic. The sophistication of student responses was incredibly impressive and the confidence and authority with which they spoke captivated the audience.

The second section was an impromptu round, where students were given five minutes to prepare an unseen topic. They then needed to respond to this topic in the form of a 30 second – 2-minute speech. Though many students were nervous, they spoke fluently and offered many examples to support the main idea of each theme.

After much considered deliberation, the judges delivered their adjudication. In particular, they commented on the quality of the speeches and the importance of focusing on Jewish content within both sections of the competition.

The placings were as follows:

Second runner-up: Ashleigh Cohen

First runner-up: Aron Calderwood

Winner: Mia Parry

Congratulations to all contestants for an extremely high level of competition. Mia will now fly to Sydney in September to compete in the national final. The prizes on offer include a significant monetary contribution to an approved Israel program. Dylan Kotkis placed second in the national final last year, and was able to use his prize money to attend March of the Living.

We wish Mia every success in the final stage of the competition.

Congratulations to the Mikolot Semi-Finalists

Mr Lawrence visits Israel

Mr Lawrence spend time in Israel last week getting to know the Shorashim tour guides, our new tzevet and the Zionist Seminar madrichim as well as spending time with the 2016 leavers who are on various programs in Israel. Mr Lawrence also caught up with tzevet from previous years including Yoni and Tamar who are getting married this week! Mazal tov!

Dorot Carmel catch up with Mr Lawrence in Israel!

Congratulations to Head of Math's Mr Stephen George on his Facebook Award (see below)


We like to take shelfies in the Library! Here Jayda chooses from the sports section.

Year 2 Art

Year 2.1 have been exploring Aboriginal art with Morah Leanne in the high school. We are learning all about the different symbols and their meaning. Keep an eye out for our Aboriginal art at the Learning Journey.

Year 3 Visit Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

On Friday 12th May the Year 3 students enjoying a puppet making workshop at the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre in Fremantle, followed by a landscape drawing experience at Bathers Beach. We loved journeying to Fremantle to learning a range of puppetry techniques and skills. We are looking forward to applying these new skills in our upcoming STEM puppet making investigation. Thank you to the many parents who gave up their time to assist the Year 3 teachers on this excursion.

Carmel Community P&F Quiz Night – We need your help!

Want to know how a covered walkway will be beneficial for the students? Follow the links below to the videos and hear it from some of the kids themselves

The P&F have an ambitious target of $10,000 dollars to build this much needed infrastructure in the High School. We are fundraising from our annual Quiz Night to get things started and we need your help. Do you have anything you can donate as a prize, for the Raffle, or for the Silent Auction? We are accepting items, even small ones (we are making up lovely hampers with some of the items), you can drop them at either school reception or contact Natalie Blank.

Be sure to book your tickets today at

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