Mahatma Gandhi and Indian Independce

Mahatma Gandhi, a man who was the main catalyst to spark Indian independence. Yet he also was able to free his nation with no use of violence. Gandhi was able to bind an entire group of people together and establish a strong connection with them, with kept the movements alive while Gandhi was imprisoned.

First, What was Gandhi's trip to success and what events struck him along the way. Well Gandhi was a successful lawyer however was of color. So already Gandhi has been in the Minority. Gandhi was riding a first class train while someone noticed him. Security of the train had kicked Gandhi out of firts class because he was colored. Regardless of what his ticket said, Gandhi was not allowed to be in first class. This stuck with Gandhi being that it was his first encounter with racial segeragation.

Gandhi when he was younger. Lawyer

Gandhi took many steps to achieve Independence from the British. He lead things like the homespun movement that enabled the British to lose money in the textile industry being that India was their number one source for profit in the industry. Gandhi had also lead the Salt March in 1930. Gandhi had started marching up to the coast of the Indian ocean where the salt was. This was huge in Indian independence because salt symbolized a defiance to the British government. Britain had a monopoly on salt and it could not be sold or shared without government consultant. Gandhi however lead many people roughly 240 miles to the coast and had stated that this was all their salt. The salt belongs to India, No one else. After many fasts, boycotts, marches and movements Gandhi was able to help establish a free india.

However not how he had envisioned. Gandhi want India to be united under one whole nation. However there was a severe level of racial tension between the Hindus and Muslims. Ultimately this meant that Hindus had to stay in India while the muslims had to move to the new nation of Pakistan. Gandhi again had tried to unite his people together and stop the violence and tension. But the will for these two religious peoples to untie under one, was too little for what the people wanted. Extremists had began to hate Gandhi for trying to make more peace between the two religions. As a result, a Hindu extremist by the name Nathuram Godse had shot Gandhi three times, which lead to his death on scene.

As of today India stands as a free Nation as well as Pakistan. Although Gandhi wanted peace. He couldn't achieve everything. However Gandhi was the main Catalyst for Indian independence and without Gandhi there would most likely be no India.


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