Project Diary Geology

Hello!! We will introduce ourselves!

My name is João Félix I study science and technology in Entroncamento, Portugal. In my free times I play hockey and discover new places with my skate.

Hello, my name is João Vital and I study science and technology in Portugal. In my free time I play hockey and listen to music in my world.

My name is Luís Figueira, I am from Portugal and I love to play videogames. Warning: Don't judge me, I was born to be awesome, not perfect!

Hello everyone, my name is Pedro Faustino and I'm from a school in Portugal, I don't like to tell to anyone what I do in my free time or what I like to do but if you want to know anything about me... so... I like KPOP.

12th December 2016

Today we are doing some searches to know more about forensic geology

19th December 2016

We discovered new forensic techniques we didn't know (how to collect footsteps,fingerprints,minerals,etc)

5th January 2017

Today we started choosing the materials we need for this project

12th January 2017

We are searching for some Geology experiments

Luís Figueira - I never thought I'd like to work so much on this project. I'm learning things that might be useful in the future.

19th January 2017

We found a DNA to a analytical comparison in our Crime Scene to discover the guilty!

26th January 2017

´Basically in this day We was very tired so We decided to take a rest and think about the project later!

2nd February 2017

well...The week has passed away and we keep on taking a rest...we are too lazy now but we need to do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9th February 2017

Well... We need to work so we decided to gathered and mix what everyone discovered and enquired

João Felix - With this project I've learned a lot of several geologist activities , more specifically in the crime enquire

João Vital - In this project I could learn about several ways to enquire a crime!

23rd February 2017

After discovered everything we needed we searched how to use what we found in our Geology project (?)

9th March 2017

And... It's not only the scientific part that went to search how to do a great presentation!

16th March 2017

We don't rest since last month so it's time to rest!!! Let's have a party... okay, I'm just kidding... Let's prepare our minds to what it's coming!!!

23rd March 2017

And with all knowledge we adquire throughout this months, we finally built the Crime Scene Simulation and we are ready ( AND NERVOUS ) to present our project ( we already said NERVOUS ? )

29rd March 2017

And the day arrived. In the beginning all of us were too NERVOUS but after the first groups we got used to that and it was easier!! We loved it

30rd March 2017

The second day... It was more exhausting and it took a while but at the end we were very pleased and animated to do more ( Yeah that's strange ) ( HAVE I ALREADY SAID THAT WE WERE TOO NERVOUS ? )

Pedro Faustino - At the beginning of our project I was very scared and nervous but after I present the project I was very glad for doing what I did, I liked so much doing this project and I've learned several things like what people do in case of a crime and what they collect, see and analyse!

Of course we had to take a picture of ourselves!!! We are so proud!!! This is being a great experience! ( WE-WE WERE TOO NERVOUS, Have we said that???????? )


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