My poems Aarushi kukreja

Personification Poem

She disturbs your sleep as you wake up, and tells you when it’s night, time can fill a room with emotions and runs faster than a blink of an eye. She can reveal a sudden silence for when you have none, can fill a room with exaltation for when you have too much.

It wakes the clouds like a trumpet in the sky, and tells the moon when to go to bed, it’s waiting for none, so hurry up and say hi, cause she is saying goodbye.

She runs around the town leaving nothing before, she scurries around, as a master of her own. The watch on your hand has tracked her a bit, the next second is no one’s, go claim it!

Emotions poem

These are the sounds I truly love Natures cry that fills my heart with joy,

The leaves in fall when I stamp on them,

The sweet birds singing all day long,

A waterfalls stream above all.

Oh all these sounds make me feel so content

These are the sounds I truly hate

Nails on a blackboard, disturb me so much,

People screaming, is just too scary

A knife grinding on a table will fill my appetite,

A barking dog,

And this is what i HATE about them.

Simile Poem - Time

A small hedgehog curled-up on the tarmac, like an old, frayed cricket ball, Looking like a coconut, not knowing what to do. stuck there like the statue of liberty, his fur as straight as a ruler, and eyes gleaming as bright as a diamond.


Created with images by JeongGuHyeok - "maple leaf book reading" • Destroysall - "time" • Alexas_Fotos - "smilies yellow funny" • amayaeguizabal - "hedgehog animal baby"

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