Moon BY:Maya Palomino

Endless darkness. That all you can see. No sound, Yet if you listen closely you can hear a quiet voice telling you to come closer. In the endless miles of darkness only a few planets stand with life. Life is something precious. We all thrive to get a piece of it.

I don't for a fact. I don't have any life on me and I don't fuss about it. I'm the closest planet to the only one with life on it. If you haven't figured out who I am I'll give you some hints. I may produce light at night but it's not my own. I simple reflect off the light of the sun. You probably know who I am now. I'm a moon or at least it's avatar. I should introduce myself. My name is Luna.

I'll tell you my story. It all started when I was born. The moment my mom first held me. The first time I opened my eyes I was chosen. I have one of the most rarest eyes out there. Galaxy eyes. My eyes are a mix of dark blue, light blue, Magenta, and light green.

Since my eyes where the rarest many people wanted it. My parents tried their best to keep me safe and hidden from the world. That was until he came. Sometimes I can hear their screams. My dad still wouldn't move after my mother's plead for him to get up. They echo throughout my head so I won't forget.

The only memory I have left of them was a necklace. It has a blue moon crystal with a blue star hanging from the points. It was finished off with a silver chain.

The only reason I'm still alive was because of the necklace my mother gave me before she died. I couldn't save them so that's why I live to save others. Others like me. My only goal though is to avenge my family. I overheard some of the guards saying that their master has two new victims. I wouldn't know where the next victims live or when they would attack so I go to their HQ.

I put on my slick black cloak, leather belt, and my black leather boots. I make my way to the woods where their HQ is located. I start to climb a tree. Branch to branch. The leaves brush against my cloak making my skin itch. After a while of jumping from tree to tree I found the HQ. There were guards everywhere. I couldn't go go directly into the building so why not climb the building.

I make my way up the building. Holding on to anything my hands could reach. I start to feel someone's presence. I stopped for a moment. What if they find me? Will I slip and fall to my death? I push all of the negative throughs to the back of my head and put my right hand on the window sill. suddenly the window above me opens. I try to hide under the window sill. Take a note that I said "try".

My foot slips off and I make a little squeal. Then the man at the window looks out. It can still feel his presence. "You there,"my heart stopped and a million thoughts ran through my head"inform the master that there's an unwanted guessed on these grounds."

I sigh in relief but they still know I'm here. Better move quickly. I hear both men walk out of the room. My heart felt like it was running a marathon. I wait a couple more minutes just in case. When I'm sure the cost is clear I climb the window. I slowly make my way to the desk. Papers and books are scattered on it. One paper catches my eye. It was a map. It had a dark blue line, Light green line, and a red line. I move my finger across the map following the dark blue one. I end up on an address that I remember by heart.

It was my old house where my parents and I used to live. Next to it was a the date I was taken away. I then follow the other two lines. They both lead to addresses that think is where his next victims live. Next to the points are dates. Both of the dates are three weeks from now. Looks like I still got some time.

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