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Cookie Signs

Poster Contest

100 years!

Posters for site sales, make them pop!

Don't Burst Our Bubble, Buy Cookies on the Double!
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Yard Signs

Yard signs to advertise the sale of girl scout cookies!

Thank you for buying GS Cookies

Many girls find unique and creative ways to say thank you to their customers who have purchased cookies during presales by making tags, wrapping orders in bows, or putting them in totes!

Cookie Drive-thru

Cookie DADS!

Thank you Melissa and Isabell

Thank you Melissa and everyone that helped pick up/ unload cookies - Rosalinda
I just want to give a big shout out to Melissa. This is our first time doing all this and I am just beginning to realize the full scope of what you do for our girls. Thank you for being this amazing rock for them and for showing us all the way - Bonnie Arbuckle

Thank you all for recognizing everything I do. Please next time you see her though, make sure to give Isabell a big hug and tell her thank you too. The reason I began doing all of this and put my all into it is because she loves it so much and she is my angel!!! What many don't realize though is she puts in just as much work as I do. When planning for meetings, etc. she helps get all of the supplies together and load the truck. She helps set up, she helps clean up, and then she helps unload once we get home. Yesterday she helped unload the truck like a trooper, sorted cookies, counted cookies, and after everyone left she still helped me clean up. -Melissa

The girls chose to have cookies donated at site sales go to local foster children!

Girl Scouts Heart of Central California

Troop 3382

Created By
Rosalinda Boyette


Photos taken by Rosalinda Boyette, Jo Anna Malkovich, and parents of Troop 3382 Facebook Group.

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