Sea Turtles By: Jaeger Rokey

Sea turtles, or Chelonioidea, live almost everywhere in the world. They typically nest on tropical beaches but travel long distances to feed. As such, humans have a huge impact on there lives.

Every year thousands of sea turtles hatch on beaches across the world. Already, they are faced with an overwhelming amount of natural threats such as raccoons, birds, crabs and ants as well as many others once they make it to the sea.

But among the Sea turtles greatest threats are humans. In many places sea turtles are hunted as a delicacy. There shells can be used to make prized jewelry and other things. Every year hundreds of thousands of sea turtles are accidentally caught in fishing nets where they are injured or killed.

Humans impact sea turtles in a large manner of harmful ways and while we attempt to lessen our impact with sea turtle rehabilitation organizations, it might not be enough. Many species are already endangered and more are likely to become so in the future.

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