America's Dreaming By Old Man Markley

Down Side Up

2013 | Folk

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“It's an American dream, there's no pie in the sky. -- We're running out of credit, we can't afford to buy it. --If it weren't so sad, it'd be a goddamn riot.”


  • Down Side Up hit #1 on the Billboard Grass chart, #7 on the Heatseekers chart, #40 on the Indie chart & #9 on the Folk chart.
  • Old Man Markley is a punk & bluegrass band based out of Los Angeles, CA. Founded in 2007.
  • They were named after washboard player (and former drummer for Angel City Outcasts) Ryan Markley.


Luke Tatum

Banjos always make me smile. Old Man Malarkey clearly knows what's up, touching on all sorts of issues, from the fear-inducing propaganda to organized religion to "fighting endless wars for greedy liars." The rampant running up of the national debt seems to be the focus, though. My favorite part? "It's an American dream, there's no pie in the sky; We're running out of credit, we can't afford to buy it; If it weren't so sad, it'd be a goddamn riot." I'm not sure how you can really say that we're "running out of credit," though. After all, the US owes a bit more than it could solve by taxation. But as the great Murray Rothbard would say, we should repudiate this debt. We had no hand in taking the loans, so it's not up to us to repay them.

Sherry Voluntary

I really like this song and I think it lays out the trouble with actually doing anything about any of the abuse and corruption of the system: diversity. There are so many diverse issues and people are convinced of some but not other problems and their solutions, that it’s hard to get any momentum to make headway on making things better. That’s why, in my opinion, focusing on the core principles of the ethical use of violence, or non-aggression, and self ownership, or individual autonomy, are the best way to break every issue down. If you can get people to agree that each individual has the ultimate authority over themselves and does not have the right to use violence on others, unless in self defense, then you can break down almost every issue that comes up and undermine begin to undermine The State in people's minds.

Nicky P

Such a friendly look at everything that's terrible about the way our society chooses to arrange itself. One of the strangest things to me is how amongst those who fight for modern independence we can all see the same issues but not the causes. I love everything about this song with the exception of one word: greed. I think people jump to greed so quickly in regards to the human desire to thrive. Where they see greed I see a desire to do better for you and yours. I also see it as a given. We can't change that part of things. We can however construct a system that utilizes it to do better for people; harness this desire to force cooperation. In other words Capitalism. Some accuse me of conflating markets with capitalism in an effort to hold the term to the Marxist definition but I think time has refined the smear job he orchestrated. That said I’ll take the wins we can, and the Song sure focuses on the debts of the political class. That’s a win in my book.

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Nicky P

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