Learning Guide 4 By: lea hunter

Key Reading Summary

Photographers when they first learn to take pictures get caught not looking at the whole scenery. They'll only look at and take pictures of big things in a place. You can tell a photographer is getting better because their pictures will be focused on different objects. The focusing of items in a picture is called composition. Composition is used to draw the viewers eyes to a certain area in a picture. Photographer can also use the color theory to enhance their photographs. Understanding how colors work together can help one generate better pictures.


Good(left) vs. Bad(right)

I consider the picture on the left to be good because there is something to look at. The focal points of the picture are the mountains in the background and the clouds above them. Having someplace to look makes this picture more appealing. The picture on the right is not good because there isn't much of a view. The trees aren't appealing and they block the mountains. This picture would be better if the trees in the middle weren't there. I could fix this by changing the position that I was in when I took the picture. The picture on the left I would've been considered bad if I hadn't captured the sticks in the bottom of the frame. The sticks gives the photo layers and makes the picture less about the water.

Rodchenko Emulation

Left- Rodchenko Right- Lea Hunter

Enrichment Emulation

Forced Perspective

Forced Perspective

Color Composition

inspired by the photos onhttp://www.thephoblographer.com/2014/05/02/10-tips-improving-use-color-photographs/.

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