Great Danes by bridget stelzner

This is about Great Danes. Also you need to feed them. You need to feed them to cups a day one in the morning one at night. They can eat hot dogs and people food. They can eat out of a can or from the bowl. Also they eat a lot of different kinds of dog food. They eat a lot of food that is dry. that is what they eat.

Did you know. The Great They can be black, fawn, white Great Dane is one of the biggest dogs ever. You need to take good care of them.Great Danes can be 10 inches tall. A Great Dane can live for 11 years. Great Danes have the most breed in the world. When they stand up the are as tall as you. So that is did you know.

they live in dog houses in a home or a back yard. They live with family and kids. They can live with any people. If you want one tack good care of he or she. They can live with each other or by them self. But it is a little rare for them to live by them self. so that is my last paragraph I hope you like learning about Great Danes.


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