september 2018

Volume 3, Number 9

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

There are no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes―Abraham Lincoln


Jeffry Booher

Well it is time to elect new officers for the club. Each year the club holds an election of officers and this year I hope the election goes a little more smoothly than it has in years past.

In previous year's elections, we had to elect a full suite of officers and directors. That's NINE people that needed to be nominated and voted into office. What a mess! Most of them were usually me, though, which made the process somewhat comical.

I am happy that we have moved to a nominating committee and a staggered election process. That means we are usually only nominating and electing two officers each year and the nominating committee's nomination becomes a simple motion on the floor―not the electoral college style system we had in the past.

It was always nice to have the confidence of the membership and, while it was comical, it was a still a vote of confidence that you nominated me for so many roles in the club. Your nomination was something I took seriously and I take the job of running this club seriously.

● ● ●

For the past 5 years I have served as the club's Program Director and for the past 3 years I have served as the club's Newsletter Editor. The energy and interest I once had for these activities is starting to wane so it is time for me to start transitioning them to other members in the club.

Starting in 2019 I will no longer serve as the club's Newsletter Editor or Director of Programming. I will continue to serve out my term as President though the end of 2019. One of my responsibilities as President is to work with the Director of Programming to design a programs calendar so I will continue to have a hand in the club's programming but I will not be as involved as I have been in the past.

I will begin searching for someone to transition the Newsletter and Programs over to later this month. It would be nice if someone stepped up and volunteered. This is a volunteer organization and you all have a voice in shaping the content and direction of this club. You can make it your own and move it forward.

I like to think I have made a difference and that I will one day leave this club better than the way I found it. I hope that someone will find this club and leave it better than the way I left it. Maybe that person is you...

● ● ●

program news

making the grade

Darkroomers has tentatively inked a deal with the Park to be the Official photography club of the 2018 Makers Faire. This is a big deal. This year a select few Darkroomers will receive All Access lanyards which gets you behind the ropes to shoot from the exhibitor's point of view. You will also be able to see how the sausage is made―so to speak.

We are taking only ten Darkroomers on this All Access exclusive and there are about 5 tickets left so speak up if you want in

On the action will be Jedi Jousting, Luminary Ballerinas, Steampunk Steamsters, Zombie Mayhem and other cosplay. This is a great opportunity to get some really fun shots of interesting action that only Darkroomers can provide.

Send a note to jeff@darkroomers.com if you want in on this exclusive access.

● ● ●

and we're walking...


This year Darkroomers is hosting the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk at night. We like to host the walk while using the Photographic Arts Building as Home Base since it is conveniently located, has all the amenities (like water and a bathroom) and it is a good way to show off the club and your work but it is always held on October 6 which is the same day as the annual Maker Faire.

Last year we worked with the Park to go behind the scenes of the Maker Faire and see the things that the public could not see plus photograph the Maker Faire at its fullest. It was chaos at best.

Two years ago we held the walk at night and had three local Light Saber groups sparing off over the 5 Freeway. Our Night Photography experts were on staff and Kim Tiffany brought her Pixel Stick. It was a lot of fun.

This year we are going a little later so the Park should be a little less full of Maker Faire folks but we still expect to see quite a few robots and interesting sculptures to light paint and photograph...

It is a few months away but I would like volunteers to help out. Last year's spectacular brought walkers from as far away as Orange County and Inland Empire so help be ambassadors to the Park and represent the club! Talk to Jeff about becoming an ambassador.

Years' Past Walks

We would like as many Darkroomers to come out and participate as possible. This will be a fun event and we need folks with night photography skills to come help the newbies.

● ● ●


Each year we take two overnight trips. These are major productions and take a lot of planning and effort by volunteers who plan the trips. These folks do everything from planning meals to getting deals on hotels and arranging guided tours of restricted areas. This is one of the benefits of your membership.

This year we went to Death Valley back in March and, while there were not hotel deals to be made, there was a lot of of great weather and light. Sure the schedule was brutal but we had fun, got great photos and had terrific food. Well actually the food was horrible but we did have fun.

The second half of the year we have planned a trip to Joshua Tree―another well heated national park. If you like it hot, this trip is for you. The trip details are coming soon but, if you're interested in going, you should start the booking process and secure a hotel room now so you have a place to stay once you get there. Twentynine Palms will be homebase and the date of the trip is October 25th-28th. Once we have an itinerary nailed finalized then you can revise your hotel stay if you want.

● ● ●

scacc news

presidential pardon

SCACC President Les Anderson has decided to move on and by move on, we mean―move to Utah. You know, that little wedge between Wyoming and Nevada...

Anyway since taking over as President of SCACC he has managed to streamline some processes, shore up some of the building problems and work with the city to get some things taken care of. His departure could not have come at a worse time. As you may be aware already, SCACC has been operating the building without an agreement with the city for over 3 years now and we have been told that we are close to having an agreement to sign.

Les' departure means that we will have two offices vacated at the top of the board in SCACC. Les' wife, Mary Anderson, served as Vice President of Programs and that office will be vacated as well.

We desperately need someone to step into the office of SCACC President

● ● ●

It is in Darkroomers best interest to have more officers sit on the board of directors in SCACC. Currently more board seats are held by Poly than any other club which means they get to tell the other clubs what to do. We have, over the years, lost cabinet space, gallery space and given up other things because Poly has pushed Darkroomers around. We can fight back if we have the votes so help us out. Step up and be awesome!

● ● ●

Plum crazy

The building has suffered a minor catastrophic plumbing event that has rendered all plumbing fixtures in the building useless. All sinks and toilets are not to be used until further notice and, as such, we are canceling the meeting on September 5th. The city's emergency response unit will be called on Tuesday but it is doubtful they will have he plumbing repaired before the meeting Wednesday.

We are canceling the September 5th meeting due to plumbing issues in the build

● ● ●


While we are still testing and evaluating online submissions systems for interclub; we would like you to continue sending us your interclub submissions to submissions@darkroomers.com.

We desperately need more submissions for interclub so us send your photos today

● ● ●


note to self

For the past 6 months Darkroomer President, Jeffry Booher, worked on a team of engineers and designers at Adobe to build an interactive experience for MOPA called Note to Self. The interactive experience is part of the Reverberations exhibition at MOPA which opens September 1st. It's a fun photographic experience if you get time to play with it and check it out and let Jeff know what you think!

● ● ●


John Watts

Our judge for September is John Watts. John has been a mogul of the Darkroom and printing processes for over 40 years. He teaches Photoshop, print workflows and color management and hosts workshops and meetups around the county including monthly teachings in the Photographic Arts Building.

If your looking for help or advice with printing or color management then John will be on station to answer your questions after the September exhibition.

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