Leah's Life By Leah Stanislawski

Animal Abuse & cruelty 12/8

Animal abuse is common but rarely reported or talked about by the media. Animal abuse is typically at farms or factories. Puppy mills are large - scale commercial breeding operations that profits on the health of puppies. Over 115 million animals are killed in lab experiments. At circuses and rodeo animals are abused with electric shock and metal spurs that burn them.

Women in Government 12/9

As of 2016 there are more and more women in government. With that more countries are exploring the idea of more women in government. Increasing the representation of women empowers women and advances woman's rights. Even when women are elected they are given smaller positions and their interests are not always heard.

Extinction of Elephants 12/12

Elephants are expected to be extinct by 2020. More 35000 elephants are killed for their ivory. Also it takes elephants 22 months to give birth & 14 years to mate. Elephants need space to roam and eat, but they starve as humans move in and become bad neighbors. There actions taking place so that elephants live a lot longer than 2020.

Ocean Trash Island 12/13

There are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. 269,000 float on the surface, while around 4 billion liter the deep sea. Also there is the great pacific garbage patch which is 700,000 square kilometers of ocean trash and is somewhere in the North Pacific. Overall this has a bad effect on wildlife and humans.

How many dogs are adopted around Christmas 12/14

Usually more dogs are adopted around Christmas, but that means usually more dogs are abandoned. A pet makes a cute gift but most people can't take care of one. Dogs can become abused, neglected, or left out on the street. Sadly three pets are abandoned every hour of Christmas time. This is not true all the time many animals are given loving homes around the holidays. There's millions of adoptable dogs and cats it's nice there considered to be apart of someone's family.

Homelessness around the world 12/15

There is an estimated 100 million homeless people in the world. Plus an extra estimated 1.6 billion people living without housing. That means there are millions of homeless people around the world. In the US there's around 600,00 people living without a home. Finally in Minnesota there's around 9,000 people probably in Elk River too.

Homelessness & Christmas 12/16

Hundreds of thousands of people are homeless around the holidays. That means hundreds of children will wake without a home on Christmas Day. Luckily there are tons of charities working to help people. With diverse work many people will have a happy holiday. It's important to help out during Christmas.

Sea world 12/18

Even though sea world is getting rid of is orcas exhibit, still a lot happened. Some orcas were kidnapped and sent to sea world. The first ever orca show the orca was shot. Orcas can live to be 100, but the average age of orcas in captivity is 9. Overall after being boycotted and protested against, attendance plummeted. Some shows were eventually canceled, and sea world was forced to end there orca program.

Mandela effect 12/19

The Mandela effect is is what happens when someone has a clear memory of something that never happened in this reality. Named Mandela, because everyone remembers Nelson Mandela dying in 1991, but he actually died in 2013. In the movie Snow White everyone remembers the queen saying "mirror mirror" but in the movie she says "magic mirror on the wall". In the movie Star Wars everyone remembers Darth Vader saying "Luke, I am your father" , but in the movie he says "No, I am your father". Even the actor who plays Darth Vader remembers saying "Luke, I am your father". Countless movies even make reference saying "Luke, I am your father".

Summer vs Winter 12/20

Summer is a great three months. The chill time sleeping in, the beach, and the sunshine. It's not that cold and it doesn't get dark until later. Especially if you love winter your just sick of the cold. Winter is a great five months. Sledding, skiing, snowboarding , snowmen, snowballs, ice skating, hockey, and snow days. Cold weather really sucks, a lot. Driving is a lot harder, walking to places, overall I lose all motivation. In the summer the food is better and its great just being in the sun. With winter means Christmas and Christmas is everything. With Summer means no school which means more sleep and time hanging out with friends.

Christmas 12/21

Christmas is the best time of year. You get to spend time with friends and family. You get to watch Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate. You get to decorate a Christmas tree and put up Christmas lights . You get to Bake Christmas cookies. Christmas shopping is always fun even though your bank account is empty. You get time off school and even random strangers seem happier. Finally Giving gifts and getting that warm fuzzy feeling.

2017 12/22

2016 is almost over and with that the new year. In 2017 Donald Trump will be president jan. 20th. The iphone 8 will come out sep. 22nd. There are new waves of protests rise reversing Barack Obama’s legacy. Black Lives Matter activists are expected to protest after Trump takes office. The US is expected to go to economical war with China over tariffs and exports. Obviously music and new movies will come out.


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