By Your Side Fernando De Trazegnies, Isabella D'ambrosio, Andres Dos Santos

By Your Side is a company that provides the service of taking you wherever you need to go for your medical visits, for your medicines or even to your rehabilitation. We believe that by having the best qualified people that are always available to give a hand to those that now need it, their families can no longer worry about how to organize the schedules.

We have a vision that acknowledges the true value of our elders in society and, by offering them our service, we want to assure that they enjoy their remaining years of their lives with the commodities and luxuries they deserve. We are a company that is passionate about providing a service to society and we assure that our personnel shares the same vocation as us to provide top quality service to our customers.

Who is our audience? Don’t you feel you could use a little help to take care of the elders in your family? Our main targeted audience as a business will be the families of elderly people who currently struggle to handle the responsibilities or do not pose the time to take care of them adequately. We will offer a unique service who will look forward to open a new scope towards our customers and strive to change the way society perceives their elders.

Our Social Media Strategy

After analyzing our demographics, we realized that the best social platforms to use to reach the biggest amount of people are the following:

Twitter: With this microblogging tool that has more than 320 million active users, and being one of the social media platforms that is most frequently used by people ranging from 35 to 50 years of age, which compromise of our target audience, a marketing campaign based on Twitter is a good idea to consider when comprising our strategy in order to reach as many possible customers in the most immediate way possible. Twitter will allow us to expand our advertising reach as no other platform will allow us since, it is a site used by a multicultural, international and demographically diverse audience. Our original idea is to create a Twitter profile of our company, henceforth allowing people to follow us as a business and, at the same time, basing on the different people Twitter users follows, we will implement an online ad based campaign in order to target our audience adequately and position the service we provide amongst an audience that is more likely to consume it rather than simply implementing a regular pop-up ad based campaign. We believe that making use of this microblogging tool will expand our horizons as a company since our customer acquisition reach will increment considerably through the segmented pop-up ad based campaign we propose.

Youtube: With over a billion users, this virtual tool is very practical to engage customers in a visual manner in order to show them, in a simple and straightforward way, the service we plan to offer. We plan on implementing a video-based strategy, through the advertisement platform Youtube offers, with a step by step introduction to our service so families can have a good understanding of what is our vision, our mission and more importantly, how we intend to make it a tangible reality. In the description of the video advertisement, a link to our main webpage will be provided for further information so that customers are easily able to redirect to our main web page in order to search detailed information about our services, contact us, hire us, look at the work we’ve been doing till now, discover our mission and vision as a company, amongst others.

Web page: This is a fundamental part of our plan to create conscience among our target audience of the service we are offering. By creating a page with all the relevant information customers need to know about our services, alongside our contact information, we provide the customers with a visually appealing platform that will allow them to have a direct and simple access to communicate with us and/or hire our services. As we detailedly explain in the other segments of our social media marketing section, the web page will be accessible from all of the ads we post in different social media platforms, moreover increasing the likeability that consumers will redirect to our main web page in order to inform themselves better of the service we provide. The visual and informative content of our webpage will be key in order to create an outstanding first impression on our customer and therefore, incite them to hire our services. This web page will be the pillar where most of our advertising campaign on diverse platforms of social media redirects to.

Online forums: It is easy to find forums about medicine and rehabilitation online. Creating posts and advertising our web page in these type of online forums is a good way of promoting our service and an easy way to reach our main target audience. Since people tend to refer to this forums frequently in order to retrieve information about any medical issue they are having, this before they ask for an appointment with a doctor, we opted to make use to this communication channel in order to generate consciousness among our target customers. When seeing our ad in these type of online forums, customers will be able to access our webpage just by clicking the ad. This way of advertisement through social media enables us to reach a mass public and hence increase the likeability of augmenting our customers in the near future.

Influencers have been a tool used by various brands in order to promote their products to a larger number of potential customers. We plan on providing a free service trial for influencers that have a substantial number of followers in diverse social networks in order to gain exposition among their followers, aiming to obtain new customers, in diverse social and demographic sectors, through the diversified promotion we intend to implement. This people will serve as ambassadors to our company, hence people who follow them will feel encouraged to consume or hire the same service as they are using. We intend to make use of the public voice of these selected influencers in order to further promote our services through various other social media platforms that we do not intend to use directly.


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