A Heat Tale By:Christine Balbona

Once upon a time, in a land called Heatopia, there were 3 little pigs named Conduction, Convection, and Radiation. Their mother was named Heat and their father was named Temperature. Their mom and dad went on vacation for the week so the 3 pigs were left all alone with the house. A big bad wolf heard that Temperature and Heat were gone, so he took advantage. His name was Cold. He wanted to destroy Heat and Temperature's children. So, as soon as they left for vacation, Cold sneaked over and tried to blow down their house.


Conducton noticed Cold sneaking by, so he got his hands nice and hot. Just before Cold was going to freeze their house, Conduction touched him, and he ran away screaming. The reason that Cold ran away is because Conduction generated heat that transfered when he touched Cold. Heat always transfers from hot things to cold things until they are evened out. Basically, the heat absorbs some of the cold, and the cold absorbs some of the warmth.


Cold went back to his house to think of another way to destroy Conduction, Convection, an Radiation. Then, he thought of using a hanglider to fly down their chimney and freeze them there. As he was perched on a cliff, ready to take flght, Convection saw him. Convection summoned all of the heat that he could, and when Cold came down the chimney, he blew him away with a blast of hot air. The winds made him rise all the way up to the clouds, but when they started to cool, Cold fell straight down. This happens because Convection makes the air that is hot rise, and the air that is cold fall. He makes the winds travel in a circular motion from hot to cold.


Cold was pretty dissapointed that his plan had failed yet again. He started brainstorming about what to do, and then it hit him. He would bring a machine that produced a very cold aura. He would slowly freeze the pigs to death! Just as Cold was rolling in his giant machine, Radiation noticed him. She collected all of the heat energy she could. Then, she clmbed up to the roof. Just as Cold turned on his machine, Radiation was like a living heater. She radiated soo much heat that she melted the machine and started to burn Cold's skin off. He fled in terror, his skin still burning. This happens because radiation travels in waves. It produces heat and you can feel it without touching the source.


Cold stpped attacking because he used up all of his ideas. Then, Heat and Temperature came back from their vacation. The three pigs told their parents about their acccopleshements with defeating Cold. They were so proud that they decided it was time to make Conduction, Convection, and Radiation one of the many properties of heat. So thats the story of how Heat became an energy with her husband and three kids.

also, blueberries


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