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"Wildcat Weekly" DISCLAIMER... Our first ever newspaper staff would love to thank you for opening our tab on our WME website. We are excited to share any and all news that we, as kids are thinking of sharing. We would also love any sort of feedback that you may wish to send us. Please do so, to Mrs. Moore's (our Art Teacher) email. immoore@dcsdk12.org. She will share with us and we will continue to learn and grow from this experience. Things may also look different from week to week, or month to month depending on what we think is "working" or "not working." We hope you enjoy our first online newspaper.


WME Online Newspaper wishes everyone a wonderful summer!

By: Reese Bieser

Have a "hot Topic" that you want to put in the paper...? just write or draw it up, and Email Mrs. Moore a google doc with your article. 4th and 5th graders you are always welcome to come to the art room EVERY TUESDAY AT 8:15 AM!


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