Sports Gambling By: Austin Miller

Sports Gambling is a massive market that is illegal in 45 out of the 50 states in America. The industry itself is predicted to be worth around 300-400 million dollars. However, most of that is illegal gambling due to the fact that it is currently illegal in most of The United States. With this extraordinary amount of money, the United States government must make sports gambling legal to not only gain revenue for the country, but also to appease to the majority of citizens' wants. If we take a look at Canada for example, they have legalized sports gambling to an extent. What they essentially do is set up a government ran website where people can place their bets on teams to win or not and the gamblers receive money if they win. From this, Canada has noticed Job Growth, less crime and more revenue for their government. So, it is a simple yet effective system for people to get their fun from sports gambling and for their government to gain some extra revenue. In The United States however, sports is a much more dominant culture than it is in Canada so it is easy to imagine that this system, if used here, would bring in much more revenue than it has for Canada. So lets get this done America. We should be able to have free will with our hard earned money and bet a few dollars on a sports game if we ever want to do so. Why not let people become bankrupt or millionaires overnight?


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