The Renaissance By:Teresa delatorre

Marco Polo on the Silk Road

Races: By opening the Silk Road it made it safer for people. "They once again made the roads safer for travelers and traders" (The Renaissance 299). I got my evidence from The Silk Road paragraph 3 first sentence. Therefore when Marco Polo came the Silk Road became safe again.

Italian Trade Cities (Florence)

Medici Family

Rediscovering the past (Greek and Roman)

Races: Greek and Roman classical ideas helped the Renaissance by letting the Renaissance great beautiful art. In the text it states that "the aim of much Renaissance art was to show the importance of people and nature, not just religious ideas." (Documents). This is important because it is similar to Greek and Roman art. In conclusion, that the Greek and Romans helped the Renaissance make art.

Differences between Greek and Roman classical ideas

The Romans made ther architecture with y out pillars. There architecture had more windows to.

Greek arcutecture had pillars going all the way around. There building would be tall or short.

The Roman had sculptures that would just sit in front of buildings or stand as pillars.

The germs sculptures looked as if they were in motion and sometimes looked real.

Leanardo Da Vinci

Leanardo De Vinci was born April 15,1452 in Italy. He was informed to be a painter,sculpted, architecture, inventor, military engine, and drafters man. These are some paintings made "Virgin of the Rocks" , " The Last Supper" , and "Mona Lisa." After he left verrocchio studio when he rcived his first independent commission in 1478.


It will focuse on what Michelangelo did in the renaissance and talk about his life.


Paper and Printing (Johann Gutenberg)

They used the blocks to type thing with ink. And the machines helped them print and write it.

The impact it had on literacy is that it made printing more easier and took less time. Also it helped them do more writing faster because they weren't writing with there hands they had a ma Hines to help them.

Renaissance writing (William Shakespeare)

Races: William Shakespeare's writing reflected the idea of humanism because it infasized that each human being is important. It states that "Shakespear wrote his plays and books in vernacular."(Holt 317) "He was a important writer and he even influenced the English language." (Holt 317) I got my evidence from page 317 in the biography. Therefore Shakespeare wrote his plays in vernacular and everyone one understood it. Shakespeare writing attracted such a larg crowns b cause it was in vernacular and everyone understood it. It states that "there would always be a larg crowed because it was easy to understand and it was funny because he would be sarcastic." (Holt 317) I got my evidence from page 317. Therefore a lot of people liked him because he was funny and easy to understand.

One quote from Shakespeare is "to be, or not to be: that is the question." Another one is "heather a barrower nor a leader be; for loan oft losses both itself and friend, barrowing dulls the edge of husbandry."

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