Trevor Paglen By: Kylen Williams-Harden

Trevor Paglen was born in 1974 in Camps Spring, Maryland.

Paglen holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a PhD in geography from the University of California at Berkeley. Paglen has won many awards including in 2015: The Cultural Award from the German Society for Photography. And the 2016: Deutsche Borse Photography Foundation Prize.

Artwork by Trevor Paglen

Photo 1: This artwork shows 8 squares with a piece of artwork showing between. The artwork reminds me of the joiner project we did in class. I think it was a good way of showing different elements.

Photo 2: This photo shows a star flashing in the sky. I think it was a good use of capture the moment because the star was shinning bright.

Photo 3: This artwork has a table and another piece of artwork, I think it could be rule of thirds.

Photo 4: This photo portrays a street with cars driving on it. It showed a good use of colors and another capture the moment.

Photo 5: This photo shows two balls that are reflective and a man standing. It shows a different view

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