What Happened? HIstory: evidence of the past

Knowledge in history must change over time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Knowledge of history must change over time to benefit the standards of every generation of societies; it is influenced by faith, set of quality and quantity of evidences, and sensory perceptions.

Though history does not change to the extent that traditions and basic facts are still intact and provides the foundation for civilizations to grow from.

Lasting between 1932-1933, the Holodomor was perhaps the greatest orchestrated humanitarian disaster in all of world history prior to the Second World War. An “enforced” famine that resulted in a death toll between 10 - 30 million people, this genocide of the Ukrainian people has only recently been uncovered, due to both wilful ignorance on the part of western media and a campaign of denial within the Soviet Union.

With a new awareness, our knowledge of history must change over time to embrace these facts, with maintenance, and gift them to future generation as warnings from their forebears


Evidence is hidden or not known/suppressed because it was politically sensitive, new evidence came to light with new found technique or method to find the evidence which wasn't possible back then.

  • Political influence
  • New Evidence that were kept secret

History must change because new evidence will be uncovered, and thus new perspectives and understandings of a historical context will change the present knowledge. The evidence is considered new as it might used to be politically sensitive thus banned, or hidden.


If there is no new evidence, then history should be based upon the present evidence as it is the study of the past with current existing evidence.


What is the main point you want to make?

I want people to understand that our knowledge upon the history is very dependent upon the evidence that we possess from the past.

What are your personal goals for this presentation?

Through this presentation I wish to provide others a more obvious truth that they are willing to discuss about, and that I can also personally realize the very fact relating to our history.

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