Portfolio Andy Kim

One of the earlier projects, this one allowed me to have fun while being introduced to the tools of photoshop. This is one of my favorite dunks, so it was fun to add a unique element to it.

These are three pictures of Chance in the sky, each picture from each one of his albums. He has blown up in the past year with the drop of his newest album. Being in the sky, people look up to him, like me. He's an aspiring artist who has reached success without using the conventional methods but rather paving his own path.

This project was very intriguing for me because I never realized how photo restorations were done. As I edited the photo, I grew more fascinated with each step that I took. When the final product came out, I was satisfied with the new and restored photo.

This image was inspired by a surrealist who merged everyday objects with animals, creating some humor. Also, it required me to alter the lighting and color saturation in order to make it blend in more with the scenery surrounding it. As I was making this, I was thinking freely and it allowed me to express any creative idea that appeared in my mind as a whim.

I liked this project because it turned a digital image that I'm familiar with and gave it the effect of a painting on a canvas. It shows a new way to portray an image.

These were two of my favorite cartoon characters when I was younger. The assignment showed me how cartoon characters are create, and the meticulous detail to each of the lines and curves and points.

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