My Short Story By Rialey

Swim Camp

Look at this pool! It’s amazing, I thought as I stood there at the US National Swimming center. Carrying my swim bag on my back and in my left hand I had my equipment bag, I knew this was where I belonged.

It was a nice afternoon, sunny, warm, and the first day of summer break. I walked into the kitchen to see my mom.

“Hello honey! We have to talk.”

“Ok.” I said in a weary voice.

“ I signed you up for swim camp down in Arizona.” said my mom.

My mouth dropped open as I stared into my mother’s eyes. “ ARE YOU CRAZY!” I screamed as I ran to my room crying.

I have always been a good swimmer and I do really love the sport, but all I wanted to do this summer was hang out with friends, not go to dumb swim camp.

My mother came into my room saying,” You are over reacting. It’s only two months. You will still have all of August to hang with your friends.”

“ Two freaking months in Arizona. In the desert with grandmas and grandpas suntanning! That’s not a fun summer in my mind.” I said this as tears streamed down my face.

“ I’m sorry but i’m sure you will have fun.” calmingly said the woman who gave birth to me. “ You have till Friday to get all packed up and ready to go.”

In my room I layed on my bed asking myself what is my mother thinking? Is she crazy? Is she trying to kill me? As I was lying on my bed I heard a loud thud as my cat jumped off of her perch onto the ground. I turned my head and saw her belly dragging on the ground like she was pregnant. And then she walked out of my room probably going to get more food to indulge. In a few minutes my eyelids became heavy and I fell into a deep sleep dreaming of my favorite rapper Chris Brown.

The week flew by, and it’s Friday!

“ Brianna are you ready? We have to go or you will miss your flight?” yelled my mother with one foot already out the door.

No mom I will never be ready! I looked at my messy room and my overweight cat that desperately needs to get on a diet and wished it was all a dream. When we arrived at the Chicago O’Hare, airport I slowly arose from my seat which I was sitting in hugging my knees. I looked sadly at my mother, begging her not to leave me. After getting through security and boarding the plane, I left my home Illinois to go to the burning desert of Arizona.

When we got there, the bus took me to the swim camp. And then I realized that at this swim camp I was the youngest person here by far. Everyone here looks like in their fifties! Not really, maybe freshman in high school in the second youngest, but still. As I got settled into my room the rest of the week was a blur. Besides the only person I talked to was the janitor, Ellie.

It was the second week of camp and I met Maddie. Maddie is fourteen and she loves the stroke butterfly. In my opinion, I think butterfly is for lunatics but I can’t complain because she is my only friend here. Practice has been getting a lot harder. We have been doing a lot of speed sets and I’m not that good at sprinting. But Maddie loves to sprint. Also Maddie has long wavy brown hair and big blue eyes.

“ Hey Bri come here, you have to see this.” Of course Maddie showed me a picture of her cute Golden Retriever puppy. Maddie is addicted to her phone, but If I had one I would be too! Tonight all one hundred and twenty two kids at swim camp with be doing a scavenger hunt. I know the first week of camp I was anti-social, but ever since I have met Maddie things have changed. I guess my crazy mom was right, swim camp would be fun after all.

“ Time for lunch!” yelled Ms.Ann, our camp instructor. As Maddie and I walked across the street to Gordman’s the UV cafeteria, a boy with blonde hair and a cute face came up to us,

“Hey can I sit with you guys at lunch?” Maddie and I looked at each other and then got red in the face.

“Um...sure,” said Maddie in a soft but sweet voice. We got to the cafeteria doors and got in the line for pizza.

“So why of all of a sudden you start talking to us?” said Maddie in a rude manner. OMG Maddie a cute guy wants to sit with us at lunch, why you have to be rude about it! I gave Maddie a glare. “ Sorry I didn’t mean to be rude.” We all got pizza and sat down down by a window.

“ No it’s fine. I just wanted to make some friends.” “ Ok. Hey I’m Bri and this is Maddie. What’s your name?”

“ I’m Charles.” So the rest of the lunch we made small talk and got to know each other.

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