Hello there! My name is Faith Losbanes, I’m 17 years old and a senior at Huntley High School. When I’m not working on our school’s publication I’m most likely busy with some other activity like the school play or speech team. I like to spend time with my family or play some jams with my friends on the guitar. This week, I’m dorming at Marquette University for the Kettle Moraine Press Association Summer Journalism Workshop. I’m taking a four day class called Digital and Social Journalism with Don Goble, a distinguished multimedia instructor from St. Louis, Missouri. Over the course of camp we’ll be putting together a series of works to share right here! As the print editor for The Voice at Huntley High School, I’m hoping to bring back some invaluable information back to my staff and increase our publication’s reach through use of social media and evolving journalism techniques.

The 2017-18 Voice Staff and our adviser Dennis Brown on the last day of school.
Last year’s chief and print editor with this year’s.

Here’s a clip from our first day out in Milwaukee! A quick little video project on Bastille Days, a four day festival inspired by French culture.

More pictures from Bastille Days.
Some extra pics we took while working on the profile picture!
Our view from our dorm, Straz Tower.

Break-time shenanigans with Emma Kubelka and the rest of Editorial Leadership.

Late night Chinese food and magic tricks.

Marquette University Map

Some extra pictures that didn’t make it on the Knightlab Map!

“The answer is always no if you never ask.” Thank you Don for helping me discover the kind of potential we have as journalists. I’m extremely excited to continue developing my skills in multi-media!

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