Top ten places I want to go in the USA By: Korynn ONdera

#10-- Honululu, Hawii

I would not like to go to Honolulu because I have been there it is really not that fun and the temperature is so hot and the water burns. It's fun for the first time, but I would not go there again. You always get sun burns and not many shopping areas and a lot of places are deserted because of storms. It is really fun to see the beaches and the native people their. I love playing on the beaches.

9#-New Orleans, Louisianna

I would love to go to Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras would be fun to go, but scary because of the drinking in the streets.

3# Las Vegas

Las Vegas would be really fun with the concerts and party's. I would die to go to a party their.

4# Las Angeles

I would love to go to Las Angeles, but it would be very crowded and pricey. I would love to see the palm trees and see the sign.

5# Denver Colorado

I would love to see the blue mustang that guards the Colorado airport. The blue mustang represents the wild west.

6# New York

I have been to New York it's not really what people say it is like it's amazing and so cool. It is really just businesses not really any shopping.

7# Orlando Florida

Orlando was fun it's really cool. Orlando is fun if you stay in the Ritz Carlton the Ritz is really fun.

San Antonio, Texas #8

I would love to see the longhorns and go to a rodeo. It would be so pretty there.

Hershey, Pennsylvania 9#

I would love to go get there 1 pound Hershey bars. I would love to see in the Hershey store to see if they have unique flowers.

Anchorage, Alaska 10#

I would love to go back to Alaska and meet all of my old friends. I would love to catch a moose again and make moose hot dogs. Everyone depends on each other up there and there so nice.


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