Solidarity in Pride 2016-2017

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My name is Lauren. I'm a student currently attending high school and will be off to college in fall 2017. I will be majoring in English: Writing and Literature, while also working in the photography field on the side. Here is a collection of my work. Enjoy.

My photo (left) is a very excellent example of figure to ground, leading lines, and diagonals. The reason for that is because the focal point is the crumpled ball of paper. This compares to the one on the right since both are focused on the crumpled balls of paper.
Sweet Cafe - Shrewsbury Street - Worcester MA 2016
In the first image I think that the composition of run off is being used, because the book is cut off on the right hand side. In the second image, I believe that figure to ground is being used, reason being that the picture is showing the subject being close to the ground without any interruptions. In the third image I believe that the image is experiencing the composition of rule of thirds, the reason being that the image hits each point in the rule of thirds.
Here I have my tintype, this included using the filtering effect in Photoshop to make a cool older photo look.
Here I present my cyanotype and the negative. This process was a very educational and fun process. The process included mixing chemicals and using a UV box to make the portrait on the left happen.
"Late Night Thinking" - MacBook Keys 2017


Whenever I take a picture I always view things from others perspectives and center an object on that would be pleasing to the human eye. My art style varies on what catches first when I walk into a room. If I’m in a bookstore I will work with what is in front of me, if the subject a simple coffee cup on a table or a flower blowing in the breeze. However, when it comes to my writing I write in a very dark and somber mood. The way I create my art, whether it is writing or photography, the difference is large. I create my art to make me happy as well as for others to reach solidarity.

I really think this activity changed my perspective of how light affects an object, such as the shadow bringing depth into mood of the image. Each perspective of the photo changes the brightness and darkness, which almost acts as if the sun was rotating around the Earth.
Kaleidoscope 2017 - A new perspective.
"The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore" - Duomo in Florence, Italy. April 2017. Vacation Picture
Buffumville Dam - Spring Flowers
Verona, Italy & Cinque Terre, Italy. - I prefer the light on the left when I was in Verona. The time of day was mid-afternoon, the sun was shining in a certain way on the alleyway which brought a soft tone to the picture, not making it too harsh.


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