Lindsey Loves History Walking Tours of New York City

Do you love history too? Join Lindsey on a walking tour of New York City!

While most tours show you the sites you can see, take a tour that transports you back in time through the stories of the earliest moments of New York City’s history to our modern day.

Historian and genealogist Lindsey R. Mullholand is your guide through Lower Manhattan’s hidden histories, starting first with the earliest European settlement on the island of Manhattan: New Amsterdam. Learn about New Amsterdam's brief 40 year history (and for an additional year as New Orange) that left a lasting legacy on our city, country and citizenry.

From New Amsterdam came New York, the first capital of the United States! Learn about the dinners, toasts and public events that memorialized our first President's journey from his home in Virginia to New York City for his first inauguration on Wall Street. Visit the site of the first presidential inauguration, the chapel where George Washington and his cavalcade attended services, and of course, hear the stories about the ceremonies and celebrations!

We may be walking modern streets, but in the footsteps of the millions who have made New York City what it is today: starting with the Lenape, to New Amsterdam, to colonial New Yorkers, our Founding Fathers, George Washington’s Inauguration, early 20th century tycoons and more.

Join us on a journey over 400 years in the making, from what we can see to the stories in our history books, lesser known sites between the skyscrapers and hidden beneath our feet.

Lindsey R. Mullholand, also known as “Lindsey Loves History” is a NYC based volunteer, photographer, genealogist and historian. Her research tracing her own family has taken her back to the earliest settlements in the United States, including Jamestown, New Amsterdam and Plymouth. She loves helping individuals trace their roots, especially when it leads to lesser-known portions of history.

Since 2014 Ms. Mullholand has visited and photographed over 200 museums; and has created exhibits that bridge both art and history (including “Revolutionary America: Portraits of Past, Present & Possibility”, “Silent Witness to History: 175 Years of Federal Hall National Memorial”, “Keepers of Our Parks”, "The First Annual George Washington Inaugural Ball” and coming soon “Women of New Amsterdam”, “At Home in New Amsterdam”, “New York is Wild”, and a soon-to-be mural). So far these exhibits and events have been viewed by over 30,000 visitors from 40 countries throughout the world.

Ms. Mullholand is well-versed in New York City history, and gives walking tours throughout Manhattan. She’s also a volunteer docent at 5 museums in New York City, ranging from the 1770s-1860s, where her tours range from school groups to adults. She’s known she’s wanted to be a historian since the 3rd grade, when first visiting Spiegel Grove, the home of President Rutherford B. Hayes in her home state of Ohio.

Ideal for families, groups, students and individuals of all ages.

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