Vince Lombardi By: julian ledeZma

This quote is saying that he is the coach of the team. So you are going to have trust in him and what he is doing. Also if you don't want to do what I want you will be kicked off. Lastly at all time you will act professional.

A little background behind this quote is that the next day they where playing the Chicago bears. Green Bay number one rival. Also it was Vince first game as a head coach in the pro bowl. So there was a possible chance of his first victory.

The purpose of this speech was to let the team now what he is about. Also to let the team know to have trust in him on his first game as a pro football coach.

The intended audience of this quote is for new arrivals. Like people that are doing new things or even getting to know new people. Also the audience could be for people that working hard for something and don't want to give up.

Pathos: "If you are not one, if you don’t want to play, you might as well leave right now…"

Ethos: "I’ve never been a losing coach, and I don’t intend to start here." "Because you are going to have confidence in me and my system."

Logos: “Gentlemen, we’re going to have a football team. We are going to win some games." "I know how the townspeople are and what they think of you men and i know that in a small town you need definite rules and regulations."

I would say ethos was used most prevalent. I think this because Vince talks about his reputation of being a winning coach. Also how they should have trust in his game. Trust and reputation is basically what he talks about the whole time in his quote.

I don't think a particular appeal was absent because football is an emotional sport so pathos wasn't missed. Also for ethos Vince has a high reputation for himself and for logos he explains to the players everything well.

The group of words that stand out to me when he says "I've never been a losing coach." This is special because it proves in his agreement that he knows what he is doing. That he has a high reputation for himself too.

I think the number one device that influenced the argument is that Vince Lombardi is Vince Lombardi. If your Vince Lombardi the greatest football coach of all time every any agreement you make is right. I don't think there is any other better way Vince could have said that speech any better.

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