SHAKEN NOT STIRRED Ally, Armen, Bogdan, david


Colour: Pink
Location: Rooftop
Prop: Banana
Line: Hey, that's pretty good!


Inspired by James Bond movies, Daniel wants to be a secret agent. When his parents leave the house he wonders around dressed in a tuxedo wielding the closest thing to a gun that he could find. He moves identically to James Bond, walking around and "shooting" pretend bad guys. However real bad guys try to get into Daniel's house. A pair of robbers are breaking in and Daniel needs to stop them. He is lost and runs to his room in fear, but does manage to set up a few "traps" on the way. After the robbers easily pass the traps Daniel doesn't know what to do. With as much courage as he can build up he runs to face the robbers only to find out his parents simply came back home.


James Bond
Home Alone


  • Location to film: Ally's house
  • Props: Black suit, banana, candy
  • Actors: One of us
  • Soundtrack: James Bond Theme Cover


Created with images by FeeBeeDee - "Pink Seamless" • keepon - "banana"

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