Battle of Lexington and Concord By: kaylee vazquez

The battle of Lexington and concord was the first military engagement of the revolutionary war. The battles were fought on April 19 1775, in the towns of Lexington and concord near boston. This battle happened because British troops were sent to take away colonial weapons but they ran into an untrained and angry army militia. The untrained army defeats 700 British troops.the British continued into Concorde for search of arms. The British troops had been searching concord for about 4 hours and decided to return to Boston which was about 18 miles away. But by that time about 2,000 militiamen had arrived. Soon after shots were fired and since the militiamen were shooting from behind house, trees, and stone walls the British had to retreat. The British troops reached Lexington where they ran into redcoat reinforcements. But that didn't stop the colonists, the British shot canons at the colonists minutemen from Salem, Marblehead, and Massachusetts arrived to try to cut off the redcoats and hopefully finish them off. News of th battle quickly spread reaching London on may 28, the following summer there was a full- scale war.

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