1920s Entertainment Rachael Stacklin and Mackenzie Rader

During the Roaring Twenties entertainment was on the rise. Movies, radio, and sporting events became extremely popular attractions.


3/4 of Americans saw a movie every week. 83% of money spent on entertainment was spent on movies.

The American film industry expanded a lot in the 1920s. 700 films were produced on average each year in the 1920s

Hollywood in the 1920s. It wasn´t the Hollywood we think of today, there were no blockbuster movies only small, short, silent movies were produced.

This is an example of a movie from the 1920s- Most movies like this one were silent, if they had music it was played live in the theater.

Movies became a big business in the 20s most were produced in Hollywood or on the West coast because there were all kinds of landscapes to film around. There are deserts, mountains, oceans, and forests, so basically a movie makers paradise all in one place.


Radio in the 1920s began with a broadcast of the KDKA. Not very many people could get the broadcast but the idea of the ¨radio¨ was futuristic and made everyone want one. By the end of that decade over 500 new radio stations were made.

One of the first kinds of radios made were called Crystal Radios. They were made using a piece of lead galena crystal and a cat whisker which would catch the radio signal. This is the first radio that an individual family could have and were found in many households during the Radio Craze.

Manufacturers couldn´t keep up with demand and it got to the point where people would be waiting in lines to get them after they were made. After this radios had to be mass manufactured to keep up with demand.


The 1920s was the Golden Age of American sports. The strong economy allowed people to work less therefore giving them more free time to go to different events.

To keep up with the growing demand for sports and athletics newer bigger stadiums and gymnasiums were built to hold more people and to be more accommodating.

Example of a Stadium built in the 1920s. Note how large and extravagant they are

One of the most famous athletes of the Roaring Twenties is Babe Ruth a baseball player that was a right fielder for the New York Yankees. He is pictured below.

Babe Ruth

To most people then and now Babe Ruth was the perfect hero, he was someone great that you wanted to be like.

Another famous athlete of the 1920s was Jesse Owens. Owens was a track and field star. He was a four time gold medalist in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany where he blew out the competition including the German runners and being that Owens was African American he shut down Hitler in saying Aryans were the superior race. Although this specific games wasn´t in the twenties Jesse Owens was still popular before this when he ran in the 1920s.

Jesse Owens Running

Overall Entertainment in the 1920s was very popular and came in many forms. Most of the things we see as entertainment today would not be around and not be as big without the Roaring Twenties.


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