Rise of Hitler Hannah Calloway & Cameron Tipton

The year is 1919, it is a year after the war and Germany is paying a large debt and price for their actions. There is a man, who had just entered the National Socialist German Workers' Party, NSDAP or "Nazi" for short and his name is Hitler. With his crafty ways and smooth voice he quickly went up the ranks of this party and he "demands" a whole lot. The release of "Mein Kampf" has really forwarded Hitler and his views to a wider audience. Then later he became such a big icon that the Nazi party became the biggest political party in Reichstag.

After granted permission from King Ludwig, Hitler at 25 years old was put into the Bavarian regiment of the German army although he wasn't a German citizen. After the war Hitler returned to Munich after the Armistice. He got into Anti-Semitism that caught the eye of an officer and let him speak out in public. Later in 1919, Drexler, impressed with Hitler's oratory skills, invited him to join DAP that he later accepted and becoming the party's 55th member.

In 1920, the DAP had over 101 members and Hitler received his card (number 555). His propaganda and leader skills were extremely appreciated by the group and he soon became leader of making propaganda. He later held a meeting and discussed their new plan the "25 point program". Throughout the 1920's Hitler got more power and rise and in 1934 Hitler seized the Nazi party and became a big power in Germany.


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