Operating Classroom Equipment Dudley Hall, Rooms 106, 203, 431

Step 1) Turn the Projector on by pressing the power button on the wall control panel

Epson Control Panel

Step 2) Select the input you would like to use with the switch below.

Control Switch

Your choices are:

  • Built-in computer
  • Apple TV,
  • HDMI cable for your personal computer

Step 3) For the built-in computer select the Built-in computer input on the switch.

If the computer screen does not pop up check if the light on the computer is orange, if it is hit the button to power it on. If it is blue move the mouse (if the mouse is not doing anything, turn the mouse on) and the screen should wake up.

Power button for built-in computer

Step 4) For Apple TV streaming (Apple Devices only), select the input from the switch and follow the on screen instructions.

Step 5) To hook up your personal computer select the front-HDMI cable button and plug the provided HDMI cable into your computer.

Step 6) For any more questions or problems consult APLA IT in Dudley 215.


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