John Donne by: Ella Natale

John Donne was a famous writer. He was born sometime between January 24th and June 19th in 1572, but no one knows for sure. He spent most of his time in London but he was always traveling to find work, education, and to see the world. His education consisted of him studying for three years at the University of Oxford, and then he most likely continued his education at the University of Cambridge. He then returned to London to learn law and go on expeditions. He had an adventurous life style and spent most of his time looking for jobs after marrying his wife. John created poems following themes of anti christianity, love, and the economy. Some of his works are An Anatomy of the World and Devotions Among Emerging Occasions. His chief patron was MP Sir Robert Drury.

Inside this book there is a poem called The Flea. No one knows the exact time it was written, but it got published after he died in 1633. You can see it anywhere from in stores, to online. The love and passion between couples fighting to survive during the plague was so significant for his readers. I find this piece interesting because it gives people so much hope reading it that things will be okay in the end, and everyone has to get through bad things to make it to a happy life. It expresses catholicism because it was about that time period and it has religion in it. John died on March 31st, 1631

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