Carbon Monoxide By Hannah Annas

Why is carbon monoxide found in pockets of coal

Coal is formed in poorly ventilated areas. Due to the space of formation carbon monoxide is found in the pockets of coal in places such as deep mines.

Where can carbon be found in your environment?

Carbon monoxide can be found in many places that you might not expect. Garages and rooms with furnaces and boilers contain the most. You can even die if you are stuck in a closed room with a running car.

What are some risk factors?

Breathing in carbon monoxide can be extremely dangerous to one's health. After contracting carbon monoxide poisoning one might have headaches, chest pains, shortness of breath, and many other symptoms. People can even die from this poising.

Carbon monoxide in daily life?

Every day, every person comes into contact with at least a small amount of carbon monoxide. This gas, most often, is exposed to humans through emission of a car engine.


This extremely dangerous gas can be emitted from ovens, stoves, furnaces, fireplaces, water heaters, and charcoal grills.

How can I protect my family?

One really great way to protect your family would be to buy a carbon monoxide teste. As well as this you could have your chimneys cleaned and be careful when working with gas appliances.

To you what's the most alarming about carbon monoxide?

The most disturbing thing about carbon monoxide, to me, is the fact of how common and undetectable it is.


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