Holden's iPhone

1) Mad world by Gary Jules

"Bright and early for their daily races, going nowhere, their tears are filling up their glasses,no expression, hide my head i want to drown my sorrow, no tomorrow"

The reason I chose this song for Holden s because the way the artist talks about the world and his life is very similar to the way Holden feels, sad and depressed." I' sick of not having the courage to be absolutely anybody

2) Beethoven's 7th symphony allegretto

There are no lyrics to this because it's just music but if you hear it it is kind of in a tone and rhythm of someone just messing up and of someone falling apart in his life.

3)Zack Hemsey- The way

This music doesn't have lyrics but listening to this song really puts you in a sad and depressed mood because the music is like of someone being depressed because he can't get over something and doing bad stuff to fill that hole that he has empty

4)Eels-I need some sleep

"i need some sleep, i can't go on like this,everyone said, i'm getting down too low, everyone said, you just gotta let it go"

the song relates very much to Holden because it's saying about how he is suffering and he is really hurting himself, and everyone else tries to help be he refuses and keeps bringing himself down, he just needs to let go. "i know its crazy but it's the only thing i like to be"

5)Spiritualized-lay it down slow

"if you got pain in your heart, why don't you share it with me, and we'll just wait and see if it was like it used to be, lay it down slow, lay it on me"

the song is talking about how he needs help same as Holden he needs help he think he can get through this alone but he can't he need help and support. "People never notice anything"

6)Love is simple-akron family

"Don't be afraid it's only love, love is simple, don't be afraid you're already dead, love is simple"

This song in the lyrics it's talking about how his life is falling apart and how it is very bad, so himself is just giving up , he is left for dead by his own mind, the lyrics are saying how to tell him it's ok to give up and die. "Do you feel absolutely concern of you future"

7)possibility-lykke li

"tell me when you hear me falling,there is a possibility, all that i had, was all i'm gonna get"

the song is talking about how important it is for Holden himself to keep going, saying there is a possibility and that he is going to get what he deserves, which mean what he will fight for to get out of that problem. "I can't explain what i mean, even if I feel like it"

8)Hoobastank-the reason

"i'm not a perfect person, and the reason needs me, i never meant to do those things, so i have to say before i go"

the song is saying, that as if it were talking to himself, he is forgiving himself and saying sorry, something he can no longer change, but can get over it and move on. " I like it when somebody gets excited about something it's nice"

9)Keane-bad dream

"and you that i define, i wake up it's a bad dream no one on my side,i was fighting, but i just feel to be fighting, guess i'm not the fighting kind"

the is song is saying about how his life so far has been a bad thing, a mess and it feels like a nightmare and he is trying to wake up, and even after that he needs to keep fighting, but he is sick and tired of that. "I can be quite sarcastic when I'm in the mood"

9)the feeling- sewn

"god knows, i got me sewn,don't be afraid to misbehave, the chances pass you by, i can't do the walk, can't do the talk, give me the words and i'll say them like i mean it"

This song is talking about how he needs to fix himself and he needs his own self and needs to be convinced to be able to change, he basically needs motivation to achieve his goals."I don't exactly know what i mean by that but i mean it"

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