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Who is Riley Dillon?

A little bit of wakeboarding action.

I am a highly committed grade ten student at Newmarket HS, who consistently achieves Principal's List and Honour Roll in my studies. I am also an incredibly dedicated student athlete. At school, I participate in many sports including ultimate frisbee, track, cross country, snowboarding and rock climbing. Outside of school, I am a highly accomplished competitive wakeboarder. I compete as a Junior Pro all around the world and recently, came ninth at the IWWF World Championships in Morelos, Mexico.

Shown above, are two amazing wakeboarding videos, with pro riders from all across the world. They are all connected by the passion of wakeboarding. The first video, features Raph Derome. The reason that is included, is because it is a massive part of my life and wakeboarding career. Raph Derome has been my idol since the beginning, and recently we have become friends. Can't wait to see what is next. Have a watch!

Another big part of my life right now; love.


Throughout the last few weeks in Ms. J's careers class, we have been taking tests to find the skills we are good at, need improvement in, and how these skills would benefit certain jobs in the future.

Future Jobs

After all of the tests, 4 jobs stood out to me. They all combine my skills, and I could actually see myself in these roles. The 4 occupations are: mental health nurse, physiotherapist, kinesologist, and physiologist. I will be talking more about why my test results and skills benefit these jobs.

Multiple Intelligences

The multiple intelligence's survey indicates that I learn best when interpersonal skills are emphasized. I am a highly social person, and I do best when I can talk with others and work in collaborative groups. I am also highly bodily kinesthetic. That means, I learn best when I can move around and physical interact with learning materials in an active environment. My final two areas are naturalistic and linguistic. I do best when connected to the natural world and the outside environment. I love nature and connect to outdoor classroom experiences and the world on a grand scale. I am very linguistic. I think while I talk about my ideas with others. Some people have said that I would make a great lawyer as I think very quickly and can talk my way out of almost anything. This test gave me insights to the way that I think, and that will be beneficial information when choosing a job in the future. If you know how you think, you can pick a job whose worker needs to think like you.

Learning Styles

My primary learning styles are Tactile (40%), Visual (35%), and Auditory (25%). I don’t learn things in just one way. I learn best when I have a combination of hands-on, visual models and explanations from others. No matter what I am learning, if I combine physical objects, with listening to my teacher or knowledgeable others, and looking at what they are doing, I can learn just about anything! When I combine my learning styles, I process the information better and new learning sticks with me, so I can use it in the future. My learning styles and how I apply them will really pay off for me in my top jobs. For all these jobs, it’s a combination of hands on working, listening to your patient's point of view, and then looking and solving the problem. If I can master these skills before I can enter the workplace, I will be unstoppable.

Matchmaker Self-Assessment

The Matchmaker Self-assessment revealed my top three occupations. These are: Physiotherapist, Kinesiologist and Psychologist. All these jobs involve exactly what I love. That is working with other people, chatting with people, helping people, and being good at your job. I like to do all of those things, so I totally agree that I could end up in one of those jobs. This is very good information to know, and gives me an idea of a field to work in. I can give them a try, and this helps me prepare for my career and field of interest.

Holland Hexagon

The Holland Codes system breaks down occupations into six general categories. My top two were social and investigative. I like to talk to as many people as I can, socialize to find areas that need help, and aid to everything I can. I also love to investigate. Use my prior knowledge/research to do things to the best they can be. I Completely agree with the results the test gave me. They show me what I am best at, and what I love to do. Use these too see my strengths, but also to accept my weaker spots. Continue to excel at these two areas of interest, but maybe experiment more with others to see if I like them. Finding more areas i enjoy, just make me more well rounded. This will help me in the workplace.

Personality Type - True Colours

After taking the true colours test, my top two were orange and green. I agree and disagree. I believe that two colours are my two top ones, but I feel the green should come first. I believe this just because of what each colour entails. I found this information after reading the package describing all the colours. Some of things like not staying focused, the leadership style, and symptoms of a bad day, do not match me at all in the orange. This is different to mostly everything being me and green. Although these are both my colours, I feel I am mostly a green coloured person. They show me the type of learner,processor, and problem solver I am. Shows me part of who I am that maybe I cannot see sometimes. Something to watch out for as I am going into the job force.

The Colours of Me

Who Am I Right Now?

Who am I right now? I am a determined athlete and student that has a wide set of skills. I am glad we did these tests because they showed me more in depth into how I learn. I cant wait to see how they help me into my career path.

The Truth

Accepting your strengths is one thing, but accepting your weaknesses is another. Also, deciding what you wanna do when you're older is hard. Thank you to Ms. J for kick starting me in the right direction.

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